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Monday, July 21

Girl's Camp - Our Skit Night

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Note: In case you're not familiar, each year the youth leaders of our church take the "young women" {ages 12 - 18} camping. The experience is spiritual, education, & most of all - FUN! Usually we stay in tents, but this year wecamped "GLAMPED" in cabins near Heber, Utah. It was heavenly! In the next few days, I'll be sharing the details about our camp.
It's always fun to give the girls a chance to perform at camp. We have a little stage & it is used a lot! In advance we gave each group a subject & asked them to write a skit {or Mormon Message} to perform. I must say I was thoroughly impressed with what they camp up with! 

One skit was so good that I asked the leader who wrote it if I could share it on my blog. Here's an excerpt: 

On the fifteenth of May, just leaving carpool
In the cool of the day, down the hall of the school,
She was walking to class, enjoying school joys
When little Annie Carrigan heard a strange noise.

As she walked down the hall, toward the loud sound
She noticed a young girl & people standing around,
They were laughing & pointing at the girl with sad eyes
Those girls who were bullying were TWICE her size.

{Annie Carrigan character says:} 
I stopped & I thought & said, “This is not right!”
And I pushed my way in ‘til the girl was in sight
Then with a loud voice that was unusually strong,
I said, “This must stop – this bulling is wrong!
You need to be kind, you need to be sweet

To every single person & ‘who’ that you meet.”

The skit has been uploaded to Scridb for you to access. Please use it only for non-profit purposes & make sure Kaye Thorpe's name remains on it. Thank you!

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