Tuesday, October 18

Our Martha's Vineyard Vacation

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Having grown up on the east coast, I've heard of Martha's Vineyard my whole life. It always sounded like such a fun place to vacation. So when we were invited to visit we were thrilled! Many, many thanks to our dear friends Cari & Bruno for a marvelous time! {Click the blue bar below to see more . . .}

Thursday, September 29

My 30-Day Slim Down Challenge Results

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Have you ever noticed that it's a small world? Mindy Buxton used to live down the street from me when she was a kid & she babysat my children. Fast forward a few years . . . now she's teaching me how to eat & exercise smarter. NOTE: Even though her program is all about healthy eating, it's do-able & not crazy restrictive like some diets I've heard about!
To be honest, my biggest goal is to have a healthy body. I want to have less fat & be strong. That's what I have loved about Mindy's program. It's all about healthy eating and honoring your body. PS - at the end of the post I'm sharing my pounds & inches lost! {Click the blue bar below to read more!}

Sunday, September 18

Displaying Running Medals

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Meet my beautiful friend & client Andrea. She even looks good when she is running! She is very fit & she runs in a lot of races.
When I first saw Andrea's home office, I was taken with all her colorful medals. The only problem? They were clanging around on the knobs of her office doors. I knew we could do better to preserve & display her beautiful medals. We took them to the framer & we were really pleased with the way the project turned out. BUT each frame was about $350. The original post here at Honey I'm Home gets A LOT of attention, so I thought I'd come up with a less expensive framing option to present on the TV show Studio 5.{Click the blue bar below to read more.}

Thursday, September 15

Refinishing A Coffee Table

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When we moved, it was time for some new furniture in the family room. We purchased a sofa & love seat, but that's where funding ran out! So I decided to refurbish our "old faithful" coffee table. I've painted quite a few pieces of wood furniture, but refinishing is torture a lot more work. {Click here to see my refinished bathroom cabinet}. 
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Saturday, September 3

4 Tips for Styling Bookshelves

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My client recently asked me to "fluff up her office". This included reorganizing and styling the bookshelves. Luckily she also wanted new accessories. Because, let's face it, I love to shop! {I found most of them at Home Goods & some of them at Pottery Barn & Z Gallerie.} Here are some tips on how to style shelves. {Click on the blue bar below to read more.}

Sunday, August 21

Navy Blue Bathroom

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I'm so excited that my navy blue bathroom is finished. This is one of the few rooms I've been able to design from the ground up - from the flooring to the tile -  to the paint & accessories. I got almost everything I wanted. {Please click the blue bar below to see more.}

Tuesday, August 9

Local Yocal - Tubing Down the Provo River

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Since we live in such a wonderful place - I enjoy exploring some of the fun things to do in my own back yard. Once in a while I like to share a favorite place with you {just in case you're new to the area - or if you haven't discovered my favs}.

This one has been on my wish list for a LONG time! My girlfriends have started an annual tradition of tubing down the Provo River & I was able to join them this year. {Click on the blue bar below to read more}.

Monday, August 1

The Waterlogue App

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Have you tried the Waterlogue App? It's a photo editing tool that makes photos look like watercolor paintings. Here are two pictures that worked well for me . . .

These three boys are my great nephews. We staged the picture of them walking down the path. (Which is great because you can't see that one of them is crying. Ha ha!) Here's the picture before I applied the Waterlogue App . . .
Would you like to see another? (Click on the blue bar below.)

Sunday, July 10

Making Baby Gifts With Diapers on Studio 5

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Me on the set with the adorable & talented Brooke Walker
Once in a while, I help with or host a baby shower. Since everyone can use diapers and they always seem to be a welcome gift - I often make something creative out of them to dress up the presentation. While there is nothing wrong with simply giving a box of diapers, I get a kick out of adding a little pizzazz. Then, the gift also makes a great shower decoration as well. {Click on the blue arrow below to read more!}