Wednesday, October 15

"Local Yocal" - Thanksgiving Point

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Since we are a family of limited means - and since we live in such a wonderful place - I enjoy "stay-cationing" in my own back yard. Once in a while I like to share a favorite place with you {just in case you're new to the area - or if you haven't discovered my favs}. Although this may seem like it, this is not a sponsored post. 

This "Local Yocal" loves Thanksgiving Point!

Thursday, October 2

How to Tailor a Men's Dress Shirt to a Slim Fit

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I have darling sons who happen to be very fit & slim. They get it from me I guess their dad has something to do with that. Anywho, they love the new fitted dress shirts. Christian is required to wear a uniform shirt at work that is made for more of a middle aged, muffin top mature man. It fit him in the collar & in the length of the sleeves, but that was it. His work shirts were driving him nuts, so he turned to The Sewing Queen {hey, if I can't be a Disney princess, it works for me!}. 
Here's how I took in his shirt: 

Saturday, September 20

A Few More Wedding Pics & Where We Got the Goods

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Our wedding photographer was Jennilyn Proulx & we just just love our pictures. I wanted to share a little more of our happy day with you.  {CLICK HERE} if you missed the other post "Six Fun Details About Our Wedding".  

Wednesday, September 10

How to Write a Better Thank You Note on Studio 5

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We certainly are living in a digital age!  And it seems like with faster ways to communicate, hand-written notes are becoming more rare. But I think most people still love to receive "snail mail" or an old-fashioned note {even the teen-aged girls from church say they do}. 

Saturday, September 6

Painting Tile & Sara Jane's TV Debut

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We interrupt wedding recap posts to bring you this by my fabulous friend & contributor Sara Jane. CLICK HERE if you missed her introduction. Scroll to the bottom of this article to see her debut TV appearance this week!

I'm that mouse, if you give me a cookie I'm going to want a glass of milk! I've noticed with updating our home, as soon as I finish one project the next immediately grabs my attention. 

Sunday, August 31

Hello Yellow - Six Fun Details About our Wedding

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Soon the REALLY good pictures will be available from the photographer, so I'll share another wedding post when they are ready. This time, I'd like to share a few details that we incorporated into our wedding for extra meaning.

Tuesday, August 26

Jeff & Kaela's Engagement

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I've dreamt of this for a long time - my dear son Jeff finding a girl to love & spend a lifetime with. And then one day she walked into his life & things were never the same. It is a pleasure to welcome the adorable Kaela into the family!