Wednesday, September 10

How to Write a Better Thank You Note on Studio 5

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We certainly are living in a digital age!  And it seems like with faster ways to communicate, hand-written notes are becoming more rare. But I think most people still love to receive "snail mail" or an old-fashioned note {even the teen-aged girls from church say they do}. 

I recently came up with some tips & tricks to help teach young people how to write a better note. Brooke Walker from Studio 5 shares my passion for notes & paper & she asked me to be on the show to talk about it. {CLICK HERE for the link to download the free graphics above. They can be made into posters or flyers.} PS- I loved meeting Sally the Good Dinner Mom &I was the one she refers to in her TV segment when she said someone "stole" one of her biscuits. I'm hard core that way She said I could! {CLICK HERE for her amazing recipe.}

Here's the video from the show. {CLICK HERE} or see below:

Saturday, September 6

Painting Tile & Sara Jane's TV Debut

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We interrupt wedding recap posts to bring you this by my fabulous friend & contributor Sara Jane. CLICK HERE if you missed her introduction. Scroll to the bottom of this article to see her debut TV appearance this week!

I'm that mouse, if you give me a cookie I'm going to want a glass of milk! I've noticed with updating our home, as soon as I finish one project the next immediately grabs my attention. 

Sunday, August 31

Hello Yellow - Six Fun Details About our Wedding

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Soon the REALLY good pictures will be available from the photographer, so I'll share another wedding post when they are ready. This time, I'd like to share a few details that we incorporated into our wedding for extra meaning.

Tuesday, August 26

Jeff & Kaela's Engagement

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I've dreamt of this for a long time - my dear son Jeff finding a girl to love & spend a lifetime with. And then one day she walked into his life & things were never the same. It is a pleasure to welcome the adorable Kaela into the family!

Tuesday, August 12

Geometric Succulent Wreath - A Sara Jane Post

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The content for this post was provided by my fabulous friend & contributor Sara Jane. CLICK HERE if you missed her introduction.

Months ago I was cruising the insanely creative Vintage Revival’s blog on and was captivated by the ingenuity of her DIY Geometric Wreath.  After months of rehashing the wreath tutorial in my brain and a pack of IKEA straws yelling at me, I was bursting to attempt my own creation for my front door. During my kids nap time, I completed the DIY craft in under 2 hours.

Tuesday, July 29

A Home Tour of the RJ Ranch Cabin

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One of my favorite places in the world to visit is the cabin owned by Honey's brother & his wife {but to us they are always "Sis" & "Bro"}.  When friends & family gather there, it is truly a little slice of heaven.