Sunday, October 13

Keep on the Covenant Path Church Bulletin Board

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I've recently blogged about my church bulletin boards here & here. I'm still new at this, & I like the way some of the boards turn out more than others. Each time around, I learn something about designing a bulletin board. This time I discovered that I don't love a white background. But, there wasn't the time or budget to change it, so here it is!

The idea is the the wooden planks symbolize a "path". And there are quotes regarding the covenant path all around the board.
The "wooden planks" were cut out from the paper on my last bulletin board. The "rocks" are from a self-adhesive contact paper that I found on Amazon & just cut them out. I love that they were sticky on the back. {You can find it here.}

The message is wonderful & so important. The execution is okay - not my favorite so far. Please email me if you have any questions at 

A Bridal Shower for Baylee

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This sweet girl just got married & right before she did, I hosted a little bridal shower for her. 
There has been a lot of buzz about balloon arches lately & I just HAD to give it a try. Oh my goodness - it was my favorite thing I did for the shower. I can't say enough good about the beautiful "Ginger Ray" party supply line. I purchased several things online {I'm SO short on time these days, so . . . lifesaver!} & I loved them all. You can find the balloon arch here.

I haven't tried any other brands, but this kit had everything I needed except for the greenery. All the balloons coordinated & made it so easy. AND the confetti was already in the balloons {if you've ever tried putting the confetti in yourself, you know how wonderful that is}. The arch turned out really large & I didn't even use all the balloons! I highly recommend purchasing some kind of pump to blow them all up. I bought a hand pump, which was fine - but next time I'll look into an electric one. 

Anywho, moving on to favors . . . I made these "Mint to be" tic tac labels myself & I'll never do that again. Ha ha. It was so hard. Just buy them on Etsy! 

A few friends pitched in & helped with the food. We had cucumber punch {click here for the recipe}, slider sandwiches, fruit, a charcuterie board,  pasta salad {find the delicious recipe here}, chocolate dipped strawberries, lemon bars {another wonderful recipe - click here} & my go-to-favorite - chocolate chip toffee bars {I've got the recipe for you here!}

These cute little napkins matched the rose gold balloons. You can find them here.

I'm a big fan of photo props because it gives your guests something fun to do while getting their picture taken.
Baylee got one really unique gift made by her grandmother.
She said grandma always makes something special for her. I just loved this little "Just Married" car with "cans" {rolled up money} trailing behind it. 
Baylee is blissfully happy as she & Nick begin their life together. Best wishes Baylee & Nick. May the years ahead be filled with joy & love.

Tuesday, July 23

The Living Christ Church Bulletin Board

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As I stated in an earlier post, When I started my blog I decided right then & there that it would be a platform to share my creative endeavors - whatever they be!  I was recently asked to be in charge of decorating our church bulletin board. If you missed my first attempt, you can see it here. This is my latest . . . {click the blue bar below for more!}

Sunday, June 30

A Box of Sunshine Missionary Care Package

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While looking for an inexpensive package to send to our missionaries, I stumbled upon the idea of a Box of Sunshine. {Click the blue bar below to read more!}

Sunday, June 23

A Pretty Entry Area & Styling Book Shelves

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One more post about fluffing up Sis's house! This time I'm starting with her entry way (which I can't take any credit for) & her book shelf in her family room (which I did help her style). Here's her beautiful entry bench . . . (Click the blue bar below to see more!)

Sunday, May 19

5 Tips for Styling Areas Above Cabinets

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Hello Friends, I recently helped my Sis "fluff up" some of the areas in her home. In my last post, I showed you her powder room. {Click here if you missed it.} Next, I wanted to show the area above her kitchen cabinets. There are so few pictures because the light was terrible & I was exhausted. But I would still like to share my philosophy about decorating above cabinets. In just a few words it is this: keep it sparse. In the past, I remember decorating these areas with quite a few accessories & plants. Not any more. Now I feel that simpler is just better. 

Keeping that in mind, we chose just two areas & decorated them with groupings. Here's one . . . {click the blue bar below to see more!}

Sunday, April 28

A Little Bathroom Refresh

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My Sis has a beautiful home in another state. When I visited her recently we decided "zhoosh" up a few of the areas that she felt needed a refresh. I'm going to start with my favorite - her little powder room. Here it is - pretty bare & ready for some love. Our inspiration was this beautiful rug she found at Target. {Click the blue bar below to see more!

Saturday, April 13

Spring & Easter Ideas Round-Up

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Ah Spring! What a wonderful time of year. I love to decorate my entry area for changes in the seasons. Here are some posts with spring decor inspiration . . . 

First of all, I like this "Easter without the Easter bunny" decor {click here} . . . 

Sunday, April 7

More Church Bulletin Board Inspiration

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As I mentioned in my last post, I am now in charge of creating a bulletin board at church every month or so. I have been busily looking for inspiration. I don't know what AMAZINGLY CREATIVE PERSON created these boards, but I spied them in a neighborhood church & fell head-over-heels in love. I thought I'd share them with you too. Here's "Selfless Love" . . . 
It appears that real chalk was used here. The "When we follow Jesus Christ, we love as He would love" quote was written on a separate piece of paper & attached. (Click the blue bar below for more!)

Sunday, February 17

Church Bulletin Board Ideas

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When I started my blog I decided right then & there that it would be a platform to share my creative endeavors - whatever they be! That is still true today, so in that spirit . . .  here's the latest I've been working on. I was recently asked to be in charge of decorating our church bulletin board. This is my first attempt. 
My first rule for this project is that I wanted it to look completely different from the usual bulletin board. I started with black butcher paper. These frames were left over from my chalkboard wall {click here if you missed it!} They are lightweight with no glass or backing, so I took a risk that they would stay. It's been two weeks & they're still up there! They are adhered to the paper with command strips. {Click the blue bar below for more!}