Thursday, August 27

A Summer of Beautiful Weddings

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We've been to some beautiful weddings this summer & I wanted to share a few of my favorite elements with you.

First of all, feast your eyes on my friend Brianna - one of the most stunning brides I've ever seen - in her wedding gown . . . 
- Photo by Kali Poulsen

Monday, August 17

Lovely & Delicious Personal Progress Treats

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Note: Personal Progress is a goal-setting program for the young women of our church {ages 12-18}. The program has eight "values" which symbolize something that is important to us in our faith. Each value has a name & a color. The colors are a fun way to teach the program, as you will see in this post.

I recently attended a Personal Progress activity & I was impressed with the darling displays & color-themed refreshments . . . 

Integrity - Purple, meaning: we are of royal birth

Tuesday, August 11

Cleaning My Windows - Not Such a "Pane" After All

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Please note: This post is a product review. I was compensated with products in exchange for the publication of my experience. The opinions expressed are my own.
 If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that our house is on the real estate market. That has meant lots of torture
preparation getting everything presentable enough for people to see it. It has taken quite a bit of chocolate to make it through the process!

Friday, August 7

Wednesday, July 22

But With Joy Wend Your Way

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In my last post, I talked about the pioneer trek I recently participated in. 

I really love this poster made by my friend Janet & her daughter. They have generously shared it with us! That's our group in the photo - crossing the Wyoming plains. 
Photo by Janet Helland

Thursday, July 16

Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel - Pioneer Trek

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Between 1846 and 1868 some 70,000 Mormon pioneers crossed the U.S. plains {from Illinois to the Great Salt Lake Valleys} in pursuit of a place where they could practice freedom of religion. They traveled approximately 15 miles per day with wagons, handcarts & on foot. Every summer many church groups worldwide reenact this historical event. 
One of my favorite young women, Sydney. Photo by Darren & Shilane Mansell
Recently, I was privileged to take part in a mini pioneer trek near Ft. Bridger, Wyoming. 

Saturday, July 4

A Sweet Room for Baby Alice

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As a mother of all sons, I've always wanted to create a sweet girl's room. And while I've been able to design a few girly rooms for clients - it sure was fun to make a room just for our own Baby Alice. 
Photo by Christian Lunt

Saturday, June 20

5 Tips for a Great Bridal Shower

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One of my favorite people is getting married & it was truly my privilege to throw a bridal shower for her. 
- The lovely bride-to-be Brooklin & her mom Shelley {hotness runs in the family -

Sunday, June 14

Parade of Homes Trends & Highlights

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I recently went to some of the houses featured in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes with my friend Toni from Design Dazzle
Here are some of the things that stood out to me.
1 - Modern French Design
This beautiful dining area was in one of my favorites - Home #24 - "The Highland Hideaway Manor". The decor in this house was traditional, but current. I fell in love with it!

Sunday, June 7