Saturday, April 28

Spring Farmhouse Decor

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I love to switch out the accessories in my entry way for each season. And since I've been inspired for a while now by modern farmhouse decor, that is the vibe I'm going for here. 

I gathered as many plants as I could for a spring farmhouse-y vignette. 
None of the plants are real - but they LOOK like they are.  Gardening is something I enjoy out of doors - but I can't be bothered with indoor plants. LOL. So I collect life-like silk botanicals.  These plants came from here, there & everywhere. One is from Pottery Barn, one was a recent flea market find & some are from Home Goods.
Another thing that says spring is bunnies & birds. I love this little birds nest created out of shredded paper. It is displayed on a cake plate & covered by a little cloche. 
The pretty green & white palette continues out on to the porch. This little basket is a nice alternative to a wreath on the door. I got it very inexpensively at Home Goods. I dressed it up with some ribbon. Another thing I like to do is glue some felt (in this case it's dark brown) to the back of the wreath or basket so it doesn't scratch the door. 
Aaaannnnd I'm just going to throw in a picture of my beautiful daughter-in-law to be. I was going to take pictures of my porch chairs with the green pillows on them, and there she sat making the porch look aaa-mazing!

Sunday, March 18

Sunday, March 4

Styling My Bakers Rack

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When my friend was visiting the other day, she commented that every time she comes to my house it looks different. I got thinking about what made her feel that way. I concluded that while all the main pieces are the same, I OFTEN change out the accessories in my home. The best analogy I can think of is that black dress in your closet. You can put a denim jacket with it along with some casual sandals. It looks great. But later - when you pare it with a statement necklace & high heels it takes on a whole new look. 

Let's talk today about styling a bakers rack. Here's mine - empty & ready to accessorize. 
I got this darling bakers rack from Costco many years ago. I paid very little for it, but it's always been one of my favorite pieces. It looks great no matter what I put on it.
All these beautiful white dishes were already in my cupboard. And I thought it might be fun to get them out to enjoy. I've been collecting white since my party planner friends recommended it. They look fantastic with any party & color scheme. Plus they mix & match beautifully. I happen to love green with white. So plants make for a perfect paring. 
And I always recommend mixing in something besides dishes anyway - especially things that make sense . . . .like cookbooks. And don't be afraid to make it crowded -  more is more!
And now for the challenge - go clear off a piece of furniture at your house & restyle it! Let me know how it goes. 

Saturday, February 3

170 Paper Flowers

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Once a year our church hosts a women's conference with a speaker and luncheon. About 600 ladies attend and that is A LOT of tables! I was asked create centerpieces. I decided to make paper flowers made from coffee filter.  Why coffee filters? They're inexpensive and the paper is sturdy enough to dye & work with. {Click the blue bar below to read more.} 

Sunday, January 14

Six Top Posts of 2017

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Golly, 2017 sure flew by fast! It was a year filled with blessings for our family. I took on a full-time job & keeping my blog going proved to be a challenge. But I was able to do it . . . baaarrrrely. Here were the top six posts.

1) Paper Bag Stars
2) Pretty & Delicious Shower Food

3) Erin's Key Lime Dessert

4) Six Beauty Products I Can't Live Without

5) Ladies Church Party

6) Keys to Happiness Church Lesson

Saturday, December 23

Church Christmas Party Decorations

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The very first thing I like to do when planning a church party is to decide on a theme. For Christmas parties, carols provide meaningful lyrics that are perfect inspiration. This time we chose "Oh Come Let Us Adore Him". And just to be different, we decorated in gold & silver. {Click the blue bar below for more.}

Sunday, December 17

My Girly Christmas Tree

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For years now I have enjoyed having more than one Christmas tree. Our big tree is red & white this year {more coming about that}, but I just love having a girly pastel tree in my home office. {Click the blue bar below for more.}

Monday, November 20

My Friendsgiving Dinner

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The minute I heard of  "Friendsgiving", I knew I wanted to host one. So I whipped up this invitation & sent, to 13 of my favorite people & a dinner party was born!{Please feel free to use this invitation & feel in your own details. It was formatted for a 5X7 size.}
I really wanted it to be a "sit down" dinner, so we moved some furniture & set up Mom's old table as well as our usual dining room table. My friend Heidi called Mom's table the "kid's table" {and I KNEW she would! LOL!}. But I thought it turned out pretty for a kid's table . . .{Click the blue bar below to see more}

Monday, November 6

Wallpaper - It's Ba-ack!

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Depending upon how old you are, you might remember wallpaper trends from before. And you might have a bad taste in your mouth about it. {Especially if you bought a house with every wall covered & had to get it off! Don't ask me how I know!} But after a drought, wallpaper is making a comeback. 
And I have to say I am on board - with certain stipulations. {Click the blue bar below to read more . . . }