Wednesday, January 18

Graduation Invitation Ideas & Etiquette

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Hi Friends, This is a sponsored post. By publishing these types of articles on occasion, I am able to support my blog & bring you more great Honey I'm Home content. Thank you for Basic Invite for being a sponsor & for offering my readers 15% off everything on your site! {Use code 15FF51 at Basic Invite - even for other types of invitations & pretty papers}

Invitation Etiquette With Basic Invite

2017, a new year! Which means new firsts, new lasts, and new milestones.

Take the class of 2017 for example… you’ll have your kindergarten grads, your high school grads, and your college grads. So, when the snow melts and it’s finally spring you might be hosting a party or attending a ceremony. This means good food and good friends, but in order to bring it all together you’ll need a few vital pieces of stationery.

So, I've partnered with Basic Invite, an innovative stationery design company, who is going to share with us everything we need to know about invitation etiquette - graduation style.

There are 3 simple steps: the announcement, the invitation, and the thank you.

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Sunday, January 15

A Healthy Oatmeal Breakfast Recipe

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I've been working on eating healthier for a few months now. Does that mean you'll only see healthy recipes featured here at Honey I'm Home from now on? Nooooo! Ha ha. That's because I subscribe to my trainer's philosophy 80/20. She says to focus on eating healthy 80% of the time & "splurging" 20%. With me it's sometimes more like 60/40. But I do believe that little changes can add up to a healthier lifestyle. This simple recipe (which I concocted myself) is a good example. (Click the blue bar below to read more.)

Thursday, January 12

Christmas to Winter DecorSwitcheroo

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I've often said I'm a "one-trick-pony" & this post demonstrates it perfectly. Since Christmas is over & I didn't really want to put Valentine's day decor up in the entry way, I opted for a little winter refresh. (Click the blue bar below for more . . . )

Tuesday, January 3

Six Top Posts of 2016

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It's been a great year here at Honey I'm Home. These were the most popular posts. {Please click on the title to see the original post.}

1 - Refinishing a Coffee Table
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Sunday, December 25

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Merry Christmas friends. Here's one of my new favorite Christmas songs. Thank you Brandon Heath for "Just a Girl".

Monday, December 19

Rustic Luxe Christmas Decor

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Merry Christmas! I've had a busy December & I'm sure you have too. As I was getting ready to put up our tree, my plan was to use the red & white decor I used last year. {See it here.} Then, at the last second, I had a change of heart & I ended up doing something different. It ended up being a woodland/luxe type vibe. I really like mixing things that are opposites & this is an example of that . . . rustic/woodsy mixed with glitter & metallics. 

Sunday, November 27

Our Thanksgiving Tablescape

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How was your Thanksgiving? We enjoyed delicious food & quality time with our wonderful family. But my favorite part of hosting is preparing the Thanksgiving table. You know how I love unconventional color schemes for holidays & I was excited to jump "neutral train". So I left the conventional orange & rust behind & decorated with white & green instead. 
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Wednesday, November 9

Thanksgiving Decor

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It's our favorite time of the year! Thanksgiving has always been a special holiday here at the Lunt home, & we don't let Christmas crowd it out. Click the blue bar below to read more.

Monday, October 31

5 Great Little Christmas Reads

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I know it's early for talk about Christmas, but it's my turn to come up with a book club pick for December. As I've been researching books, it's gotten me thinking about some of my favorite short Christmas books we've read in the past. Here's a short list in case you might be looking for something fun to read this holiday season. So grab a cup of hot cocoa, here we go! {Click the blue bar below to read more.}

Sunday, October 30

Happy Halloween from Wheadon House

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It's Halloween! I'm trying to figure out why I enjoy this quirky holiday so much. I think it's because I love make believe. And because Halloween is the one day of the year when you get to be someone else. {Click the blue bar below for more . . . }