Saturday, December 20

My Favorite Birthday Gift This Year

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I just love creative gift ideas - don't you? My friend really knocked my socks off this year when she gave me this beautiful gift . . . 

Tuesday, December 16

Sara Jane's Contemporary Christmas Style

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I've blogged about my Christmas decor here & here before - no big changes this year! So I thought you might like to see {my contributor & BFF} Sara Jane's modern decorations. She's home, so come on in!

Tuesday, December 9

How to Make Your Own Photo Christmas Card

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I do love a lot of the designs of the photo Christmas cards that you can buy from companies like Tiny Prints, but sometimes I can't find the perfect wording that I'm looking for. For a while now I've been creating our own cards. It's easy! I'll show you how. Here's this years card & how I made it.

Monday, December 8

A Christmas Table Tour {Our Church Christmas Party}

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For our church Christmas dinner party this year, each table was assigned to a different "hostess". She brought her own dishes & centerpiece from home & each table was decorated in her unique style. It was lots of fun, plus the food was delicious! {More about that in a minute.}

Here's a "Tour of Tables" just for you. I'm starting with one of my favorites. It was the only table with blue & it kind of reminded me of Frozen. The battery lights in the tree were the icing on the cake.

Monday, November 24

Our Thanksgiving Table & a Yummy Apple Spice Cake Recipe

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We are crazy about thanksgiving at the Lunt home. It's such a simple holiday all about gratitude, family, & good food. What's not to love?! Our table is set & ready to go. I like to do it a few days prior to save time on the day of.
photo by Christian Lunt

Wednesday, November 19

Book Club Fun - Elementary My Dear Readers

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One of my favorites things in life is book club. We read some great books & we always have a wonderful time. This month's book was The Beekeeper's Apprentice by Laurie R. King. If you're a Sherlock fan, you're going to like this book. {Plus the content is very clean - which I always appreciate.} 

Tuesday, November 11

Z Gallerie Knock Off Thanksgiving Decor

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Our local Studio 5 TV show recently issued me a challenge to create a pumpkin topiary for my next appearance {See link at the end for the video}. Although I adore the traditional thanksgiving colors, I also enjoy mixing it up & using unexpected color combinations for holiday decor. One day while doing some design work, I spied this beautiful display at Z Gallerie . . . 

Monday, November 3

Considering Eyelash Extensions for the Holidays? What I Think About Them

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I fell in love with eyelash extensions a few years ago when a few of my friends got them. I kept thinking that when a "special occasion" rolled around I would give them a try. Last year - about this time - I decided LIFE is a special occasion & I took the leap. I have been wearing them ever since. I love my lash girl so if you want to give them a try & you live in the SLC, Utah area - shoot me an email for her information.

If you don't already know about extensions, an individual fake/thicker lash is glued to each of your real lashes. The process takes about an hour {longer the first time}, but it doesn't hurt or anything. In fact, it's actually quite relaxing & I often fall asleep when Taylor is putting my lashes on {it's just embarrassing if I snore!}.  
The photos above were taken on different days, but I DO have mascara on in the before  picture on the right. In photo on the left I am wearing the shortest lash extensions I've tried - big difference!

Tuesday, October 28

5 Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas - A Sara Jane Post

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Note: The content for this post is courtesy of my new contributor Sara Jane {CLICK HERE to meet her}.  

Sara Jane shared these great ideas on our local TV show Studio 5! CLICK HERE to watch the video.
Each Halloween my husband & I enjoy a good, healthy pumpkin-carving contest {this tradition goes all the way back to one of our first dates}. Unfortunately he usually puts my carving to shame. This year, my approach is simple & creative: thinking outside the stencil & incorporating other materials that I have on hand at my house.

Monday, October 27

Great Costume Ideas {Just in Time for Halloween}

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It's so fun to be someone else for a day, don't you think? If you're looking for some Halloween costume inspiration, I got you covered!

How about Fred & George Weasley from Harry Potter . . . 
Our newlyweds Jeff & Kaela ready for a Halloween party this year