Monday, April 21

Meet My New Contributor Sara Jane

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OK - I am SO excited to introduce you to my new contributor & darling friend Sara Jane. You are going to LOVE her! 
There are three things I want you to know right off the bat - 1) Sara has amazing taste, 2) She's so brilliantly creative, & 3) She's just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside! 

Here are some questions I asked Sara Jane so that you could get to know her . . .  

*Would you consider yourself right-brained, left-brained or both?

I would consider myself right-brained. I am a "hands on" person who is constantly inspired and itchy to start a new project. I consider myself a visual learner who would much rather be spontaneous than calculated. I do however find it very gratifying to complete a project and have coined and labeled myself a "completionist" as opposed to a "perfectionist".

* You're obviously a creative person. Do you ever experience a drought of ideas? Where do you get your inspiration? Do you have any favorite magazines, websites, blogs? 

Thank you! When I have creative block I often find myself googling images in the given topic or searching Pinterest. The visual stimuli usually gets my creative wheels spinning in overdrive. I also love a good brainstorming session with my Aunt or Mom who always inspire me!  

* What's your design style in your home? And how do you find the courage to tackle ambitious projects? Have you ever had a failure? 

I would classify my style as Modern. I love the look of a clean, fresh, simple space. I can get behind any genre of modern; mid-century, rustic modern, mod, ultra-modern, minimalist, white purist… however, I appreciate many other styles especially when someone commits to their style and sees it thru. My husband would probably say I'm overly ambitious with projects! When tackling a project I like to do online research, google or Pinterest, and visually dissect the process then take bits of my findings and come up with a different way to achieve my goal. I never follow directions!!! I often cook this way too, it makes it impossible for me to share a recipe or duplicate a dish! I have had a few failures, I am learning my DIY limits. If a project, painting or design bombs, I like to take a breather from it and come back when I am feeling inspired. Sometimes it takes me a few minutes other times it’s a few months until I realize that I just needed to change directions.

*You also have a great sense of fashion style. How would you define it? Where do you like to shop? Are you more fearless with color in your dress than in your home?

Why, thank you! I would define my style as modern with an edge. My absolute favorite store to shop is Zara. I've been known to tear over when I walk into a store. I fell in love with Zara when I was 17 while traveling through Brazil. I love the style of clothes, the way they organize the store by color, the longer inseams and their kids clothes are to die for. I am more fearless when it comes to dressing with pops of color. It's much easier to commit to a magenta dress than a magenta over-dyed Persian rug. I'm inspired by Jonathan Alder's flawless Interior Design ability to incorporate color and working on my commitment issues one bold hued accent at a time!!!

*You have an Etsy shop - what do you sell?

In my etsy shop,, I've collaborated with a talented seamstress friend of mine and we sell handmade bows, bow ties, and ties. I've recently reconnected with my passion for painting and I'm looking forward to adding some of my artwork to my shop this summer. 

Thank you Sara Jane! Next time, I'll feature Sara's first post about how she transformed her 70's family room into a stylish space with a beautiful, updated vibe. Don't miss it! 

Sunday, April 20

#BecauseofHim - Happy Easter!

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I remember what Easter meant to me around the time this photo was taken . . . 
While I've believed in Christ my whole life, I think that when I was a child - Easter was more about candy, bunnies, & a pretty new dress. 

Tuesday, April 15

Gender Reveal Party

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My nephew's beautiful wife {we call her "Little T"} just threw a great "Gender Reveal Party" for her friend. I loved the darling ideas she used - like the sign on the front door.

Friday, April 11

Triple Chocolate Cookies

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I have shelves of cookbooks, but really only use two or three of them on a regular basis. One of my absolute favorites is the Nordstrom Friends & Family Cookbook. This cookie recipe comes from Nordy's & it is always a big hit. I like it because it is different than the usual chocolate chip recipe. Give it a try!

Sunday, April 6

Accessorizing a Wall Unit

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One of my clients is steadily moving from room to room - updating & decorating her home. She & her husband purchased this Ikea wall unit - then didn't quite know what to do with it. {Which is very common & perfectly understandable!}

Tuesday, April 1

Measuring Tape Bracelets

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I love to sew & tape measures just make me happy. They seem nostalgic - maybe because I can still see my sweet mother {who was a much better seamstress than I} with one around her neck - sewing her heart out. 

Friday, March 28

A Dr. Seuss Girl's Camp Theme

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Please note: if you're a regular Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust reader - welcome! You're in the right place. I changed my blog name. Hope you like the new name & look. 

Each year we host a "girl's camp" for our church's young women ages 12-18. We usually camp out in tents, but this year we will have cabins in the mountains nearby {WAHOO!}. It is customary to pick a fun theme to add a festive atmosphere to our camp activities {however, a spiritual element is very important also}. For our group, we've chosen a Dr. Seuss theme - specifically . . . 
Oh, the Places You'll Go!