Wednesday, May 27

Local Yocal - Tea at the SLC Grand America

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One gem you absolutely must see if you are visiting Salt Lake City - or if you live here - is The Grand America Hotel. I've blogged about it before here & here

One of the highlights of "The Grand" is their traditional tea. {If you don't drink caffeinated tea, there are lots of herbal caffeine-free options & hot cocoa.} 

Monday, May 18

A Contemporary Family Room

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John & Kerri live in a beautiful contemporary penthouse downtown with bamboo floors, cable stair railings & amazing views. Their family room was already furnished with a sectional that wasn't really their style {and it was getting tired & worn}. When they called on me for help to spiffy up their space, we decided to start from scratch . . . 

Saturday, May 9

Easy Peach Cobbler Recipe

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In my last post, I shared some of the details of my friend Cathy's 
For the food, we served a chicken veggie crock pot dish, several fruit & greens salads & rolls - all in those "Cafe Rio" aluminum bowls. My friend Becky made a  peach cobbler & I'm sharing her delicious recipe with her permission. It's SO easy, but no one has to know! It's our little secret.

Thursday, April 30

A Cowgirl Party

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When my friend Cathy had a birthday coming up, we decided to throw her a surprise party fit for a cowgirl! The whole thing was Becky's idea & she planned the country menu - including her delicious peach cobbler {see the next post for her recipe!}.

Tuesday, April 14

From Crappy to Happy - My Walk-In Closet Makeover

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There are few things that make me as happy as organization. If everything is clean & organized, it makes me feel like I can face the things in my life that I have no control over. I've been meaning to take on my master bedroom closet for some time. And now that it's done, I have a good feeling every time I go in there. 

Wednesday, March 18

Hawaiian Cake - A Refreshing Treat You'll Love

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- Photo by Christian Lunt - 

This cake is different & refreshing. It is served cold & it actually tastes better if made as a sheet cake in a 9x13 pan {I made it as a layer cake so it would look prettier for the photos, but I didn't like it as much}. Try it next time you want to serve something out of the ordinary.

Saturday, March 14

Easter Decor {Without the Bunnies This Year} & A Free Printable

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I do have some cute little bunny Easter decor . . .
But for some reason this year, I just wasn't in the mood to bring them out. I opted instead for a simpler display in my entryway that focused on the real meaning of Easter & on spring. Yay! We love spring! Here in Utah we have some lo-o-o-ng winters, so a season of hope & renewal is always welcome.

Tuesday, February 24

Pioneer Purse Tutorial

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- Photo by Christian Lunt - 
I am one of a large group of people in my community who are reenacting the Mormon pioneer trek across the Wyoming plains this summer. I am terrified excited about this! Our grueling experience adventure will last for three long days as we push real hand carts along the original trail. I've been sewing some little "Prairie Pouches" - if you will - for some of my women folk friends who are also coming along.  {I think part of their job is to make sure I don't skip off to the nearest hotel!} Here's a little tutorial in case you'd like to make some pioneer purses of your own. I've heard they are really cute made from recycled blue jeans too.

Friday, February 13

Happy Valentine's Day to My Honey

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- Our hands 30 years ago. They don't look like this now. Ha ha! -

I heard that Hallmark issued a challenge for Valentine’sDay: to tell the person you love how you feel about them without actually using the word “love”. I decided I’m up for the challenge so here goes! 

Dear Honey,

·      I enjoy your company. When I’m with you I am home.
·      I appreciate how devoted you are to me & our family.
·      I need your friendship & support.
·      I delight in your happiness.
·      I respect you for getting back up each time life knocks you down.
·      I envy your brilliant mind.
·      I desire your attention & affection.
·      I honor our marriage.
·      I adore your beautiful hair.
·      I like to beat you in Scrabble.
·      I yearn for you when you are away from me.
·      I share your values.
·      I anticipate our future together.
·      I fall for you over & over again.
·      I am sweet on you!
       Happy Valentine's Day to my Honey