Tuesday, April 26

Chalk Paint Refresh

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In my last post {click here if you missed it}, I shared Emily's family room makeover. And now here's another gem from Emily's house. When we first got started, her kitchen was almost all stained wood - lots of oak cabinets and wood floors. We decided together that it would be great to break up some of the woody-ness. 

Wednesday, April 20

Updating an 80's Family Room

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I've blogged about Emily's home before {click here for her amazing kitchen transformation}. Little by little, I've been working with her to update it. At a glance, you can tell that whoever built her home spared no expense. The house is large & there is SO much wood trim everywhere. Actually, too much stained wood - at least by today's standards. The natural lighting in the house is a little dim to begin with, so all that stained wood just seems to weigh it down. Bit by bit, we've been dealing with the wood & brightening up the house. 

Friday, April 15

Spring Porch Decorations at Wheadon House

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Yay! It's spring! What a great season - though the weather can be temperamental here in Utah. Did you read the article this month in Country Living about how wonderful porches are? It was fun to decorate my own porch with pops of yellow.

Monday, April 11

A Night of Amore Church Party

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love; a feeling of great affection
Every once in a while the ladies from church get together & have a fun activity. We eat good food, socialize, & try to do some good along the way. We scheduled this party in conjunction with Valentine's Day, but it could be tweaked to fit anytime of the year.

Tuesday, April 5

20 Landlord Friendly Decor Ideas For Renters

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(Note: The following is a sponsored post from Decals Tree. Thank you Angela for these great ideas.)

We all want to make the space we occupy – the place we call home – speak about our own unique personality. The art of expression in real life, though, brings with it obstacles. Whether your walls are part of a rented apartment or a college dorm room, it’s likely that you are restricted as to how you might decorate it to make it your own. Your rental agreement may not allow you to paint the walls - the quickest and most effective decorating statement. You may also stand to lose a damage deposit if you manage leaves holes in your landlord’s bland white walls.
Do not despair! Thanks to new products and good old creativity, you can customize your space to speak volumes about your take on life without leaving a single nail hole.  Here are 20 tips that you’re sure to love:

Friday, March 4

Chicken & Wild Rice Soup

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If you've been reading Honey I'm Home for a while, you might be familiar with my fabulous friend Colette. She is not only one of my dearest friends - but also one of my favorite cooks! When I tasted her chicken soup recently, I just HAD to have the recipe. It is so very delicious. With her permission, I'm sharing it with you too. Thanks Colette!

Saturday, February 27

Sara Jane's Baby Shower

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Did you know that my friend & contributor Sara Jane is expecting TWINS!? Two precious little boys are on the way & I just attended a fun "Double Trouble & Twice the Fun" baby shower hosted by her lovely friends Jamie & Jordan.

Friday, February 26

A Little St. Patrick's Day Decor

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As you probably already know, I love seasonal decor. And my favorite spot to decorate {and for some holidays, the only area I decorate} is my entry way.