Monday, January 21

Women's Conference

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We enjoyed a wonderful Women's Conference yesterday & I wanted to share it with you.
Our church puts on these conferences periodically & it is always so edifying. 

Decorating for a conference is a challenge because there are so many tables to adorn & the budget is always slim (as it should be with church funds). Bobbi Widerberg was the mastermind behind these beautiful woodland decorations. 
Each table had 3 "candles" on it (for a total of 170!). Open flames are not allowed, so these are cottonwood tree branches with the middle hollowed out to perfectly fit little flickering battery-powered votive candles. 
Bobbi said her sweet hubby made the holes with an attachment on his drill. Labor-intensive - but brilliant, economical & oh-so-pretty. The pictures really don't do it justice since all the little candles were flickering & lending such a charming ambience. You can find little candles like these here. 
Each table also had a burlap table square, these lovely "Trust in the Lord" signs (the theme of the conference), as well real pine boughs & pine cones. Even the water bottles had a white label on them for the luncheon to come. Each little box lunch had a chicken salad, tiny orange, roll & a piece of chocolate. 
The little white snowflakes were actually an afterthought. Bobbi added them when she saw that there were snowflakes on the invitations. I really like the touches of white with the dark greens & browns. 

Our speakers were Jon Schmidt from The Piano Guys & his wife Michelle. Their remarks were incredibly inspiring. Who me take a picture in a church meeting? No way. Here's a photo of Jon playing A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman. Oh man was it beautiful!
I'm grateful for all the hard work that came together for a spiritual, wonderful afternoon!

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Monday, November 26

Decorating Our Gate for Christmas

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Our subdivision has a pretty gate & I like to decorate it for Christmas. Since it is not as straight forward as attaching a wreath, I thought I'd show you a little about how I do it.
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Saturday, November 3

Neutral Fall Decor

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If you've known me for a while, you already know that I love to use non-traditional color schemes - especially for holidays. Some years we use orange, rust & yellow for our fall decor. But every other year or so I like to use one of my favorite colors - white. {Click the blue bar below for more!}

Sunday, October 21

Halloween Porch Decor

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Happy Halloween from Wheadon House!
I have always enjoyed decorating the front of my house for the kiddos in the neighborhood. When my children were small, we would drive by our favorite "Halloween houses" on the way home just for the simple pleasure of seeing them. I like to say that these his & hers skeletons are a likeness of Honey & I in a few years! He he. {Click the blue bar below for more . . . }

Sunday, August 26

A Delicious Keto-Friendly Chocolate Mousse

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Soooo we have a wedding coming up & in an never ending effort to slim down, I am giving the keto diet a try. I'm not an expert at all & I'm definitely learning as I go. I started a "Where Did My Waste Go?" page on Pinterest where I am collecting information & recipes for keto. You can find it here.  Anywho, keto food is delicious & really satisfying but sometimes I do miss sugar. {Click the blue bar below for more . . .}

Sunday, August 12

Carly's Bridal Shower

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Good news! My youngest son has found the girl of his dreams {and mine}! They are getting married soon & I had fun throwing a bridal shower for our beautiful bride-to-be Carly. 

Since I have a full time job now, I had to throw in a few time-saving strategies to pull it off. {Click the blue bar below to read more!}

Saturday, July 21

Lemons to Lemonade Activity

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Every other month or so we have an activity for the ladies at church. Our last activity was called "Lemons to Lemonade". It was an evening to ponder how even life's challenging circumstances can be turned around for good. {Click the blue bar below for more.}

Sunday, June 10

"Local Yocal" - Reid Ranch

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Ah, I live in a pretty great state. And once in a while I share some little stay-cation or local treasure. Today I'd like to tell you about Reid Ranch. Honey & I went there with a group & had a great time! It isn't luxury - more like "glamping". We did have a room in a lodge with a full bathroom, but this is a place built for housing lots of people for a small cost. With a vibe that feels just like "The Parent Trap"! And there is so much to do! {Click the blue bar below to see the rest of this post.}

Saturday, April 28

Spring Farmhouse Decor

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I love to switch out the accessories in my entry way for each season. And since I've been inspired for a while now by modern farmhouse decor, that is the vibe I'm going for here. {Click blue bar below for more.}

Sunday, March 18