Tuesday, October 28

5 Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas - A Sara Jane Post

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Note: The content for this post is courtesy of my new contributor Sara Jane {CLICK HERE to meet her}.  
Each Halloween my husband & I enjoy a good, healthy pumpkin-carving contest {this tradition goes all the way back to one of our first dates}. Unfortunately he usually puts my carving to shame. This year, my approach is simple & creative: thinking outside the stencil & incorporating other materials that I have on hand at my house.

Monday, October 27

Great Costume Ideas {Just in Time for Halloween}

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It's so fun to be someone else for a day, don't you think? If you're looking for some Halloween costume inspiration, I got you covered!

How about Fred & George Weasley from Harry Potter . . . 
Our newlyweds Jeff & Kaela ready for a Halloween party this year

Saturday, October 25

Quotation of the Month - Thankful for the Rain

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I love this beautiful quotation. It goes with the talk, Grateful in Any Circumstance {you can find it here}. The printable below is sized to be a 4x6 & can be printed onto a photo. Please feel free to use it!

Thursday, October 23

A WILD Birthday Party - A Sara Jane Post

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The content for this post was provided by my fabulous friend & contributor Sara Jane. CLICK HERE if you missed her introduction.

What's the best way to celebrate a 6 year-old birthday? With reptiles and a larger-than-life cake of course!

Wednesday, October 15

"Local Yocal" - Thanksgiving Point

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Since we are a family of limited means - and since we live in such a wonderful place - I enjoy "stay-cationing" in my own back yard. Once in a while I like to share a favorite place with you {just in case you're new to the area - or if you haven't discovered my favs}. Although this may seem like it, this is not a sponsored post. 

This "Local Yocal" loves Thanksgiving Point!

Thursday, October 2

How to Tailor a Men's Dress Shirt to a Slim Fit

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I have darling sons who happen to be very fit & slim. They get it from me I guess their dad has something to do with that. Anywho, they love the new fitted dress shirts. Christian is required to wear a uniform shirt at work that is made for more of a middle aged, muffin top mature man. It fit him in the collar & in the length of the sleeves, but that was it. His work shirts were driving him nuts, so he turned to The Sewing Queen {hey, if I can't be a Disney princess, it works for me!}. 
Here's how I took in his shirt: 

Saturday, September 20

A Few More Wedding Pics & Where We Got the Goods

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Our wedding photographer was Jennilyn Proulx & we just just love our pictures. I wanted to share a little more of our happy day with you.  {CLICK HERE} if you missed the other post "Six Fun Details About Our Wedding".