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Monday, June 8

Patriotic Home Decor

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I love to decorate for holidays, don't you? I'm feeling especially patriotic this year & it was fun to put up some 4th of July decorations. Here in Utah we also celebrate the 24th of July, or "Pioneer Day" as well. 
I found this old flag at a shop that sells "funky junk". Why is it that old flags hold so much charm? And here's a little secret for you. If all else fails & I need something else to add to my decorations, I use candy. You can almost always find it in the wrapper colors you need. 
This entry area is where I usually put seasonal stuff. The red clock gets moved from room to room, but it also works for Valentine's Day & Christmas.
Another idea - use books in the colors you need to elevate accessories to various heights. 

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