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Tuesday, July 29

A Home Tour of the RJ Ranch Cabin

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One of my favorite places in the world to visit is the cabin owned by Honey's brother & his wife {but to us they are always "Sis" & "Bro"}.  When friends & family gather there, it is truly a little slice of heaven. 

This "home away from home" evokes a mountain-y rustic vibe, but it is so cozy - with all the modern comforts. AND the U.S. flag proudly flies whenever Bro & Sis are there!
I just love the beautiful bathtub. Sis found the antique mirror in her mom's garage. Lucky duck! It's perfect above the pedestal sink.
Most of the furnishings & accessories have a meaningful story behind them. The quilt was hand made by a favorite aunt. I made Sis the "Lunt Family" pillow many years ago. It still looks fantastic because she takes excellent care of everything.
The walls are decorated with heirlooms as well whimsical pieces. Sis inherited some AMAZING artwork that her grandfather painted - mostly of places in Montana. I'm so jelly! Bro loves "The Duke", so of course he hangs proudly as well . . .
Good food is a family tradition. If at all possible, we try to get Bro to barbecue his tri-tip roast. We lick the plate not a bit gets wasted! Sis makes amazing dutch oven potatoes {click here for her recipe}
The rock fireplace extends all the way to the vaulted ceiling & it is the main source of heat for the cabin. 
We have many happy memories enjoying the wrap around porch & swing. From here, one enjoys views of Quaking Aspens, red rock mountains, sheep & deer. {Like I said, Heaven!}
So, there it is! Twenty-three acres of awesomeness! Please see the sidebar for more "Home Tours".

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