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Saturday, July 5

Girl's Camp Cook Off

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Note: In case you're not familiar, each year the youth leaders of our church take the "young women" {ages 12 - 18} camping. The experience is spiritual, education, & most of all - FUN! Usually we stay in tents, but this year wecamped "GLAMPED" in cabins near Heber, Utah. It was heavenly! In the next few days, I'll be sharing the details about our camp.

Girl's camp was filled with lots of great activities. One that went really well {and helped the girls learn something new} was the "Cook Off" Competition. 

One night after dinner, each group of girls prepared a dessert to share & be judged. {Of course, when I say "judged", I don't mean it in a "Chef Gordon Ramsay way"!} Everyone won a ribbon. Most groups made something in a dutch oven, but some made ice cream & no-bake concoctions. All of them were delicious. We put the desserts in little cups so everyone could try a bite. 
Our judges tried each one & handed out the awards. In the future, I think I'll watch some cooking shows & come up with a bunch of comical & clever foodie buzz words/phrases for the judges to use.{Like: the bouquet of the aroma, flavor explosion, etc . . . }

This group knocked me out when they showed up wearing their beautiful homemade aprons & red lipstick! What a bunch of cuties.
 I also loved the t-shirts they designed for camp . . . 
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  1. I am our ward's camp director and am planning a Dr. Seuss theme. I love your red shirts and would like to have something similar. Would you be able to share with me how you went about designing your shirts?
    Becky Niblett

  2. I would also love info on your shirt designs.


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