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Saturday, July 12

Our Girl's Camp Thank You Note Class & Other Mini-Classes

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Note: In case you're not familiar, each year the youth leaders of our church take the "young women" {ages 12 - 18} camping. The experience is spiritual, education, & most of all - FUN! Usually we stay in tents, but this year wecamped "GLAMPED" in cabins near Heber, Utah. It was heavenly! In the next few days, I'll be sharing the details about our camp.
During one of our days at girl's camp we featured mini-classes/activities & broke the girls into small groups so they could rotate through them. These were our four classes or activities:

1 - Tying fleece quilts for an orphanage
2 - Making bracelets
3 - Decorating a quilt square to be sewn into a quilt for our stake 
     president. This one didn't take long, so we combined it with 
     a photo booth. 
4 - A thank you note class
I taught the thank you note class & I felt it went very well. As you know, in the digital age this kind of thing is becoming "old school". But as I asked the girls which they would prefer - an email/text or a hand-written note, they definitely agreed that the note means more.  At Target we found a huge package of thank you cards for very little moo-la & each girl was invited to write a note to someone in her life. They were very enthusiastic & some of the young women wrote more than one. To help them along, we talked about some tips about how to make writing a thank you note easier & some ideas for phrases to use. I created two posters {which were printed by Costco in a 20x30 size & then mounted on foam core}. 

Here they are for you to download . . . 

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  1. We found it! So adorable ❤️ it was so great chatting with you tonight! Thank you for all that you do for our girls!

    1. Darling Natali - I just LOVED seeing you again. I just adore you! Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment.

      Warmly, Michelle

    2. I adore you ❤️ you are so sweet! We need to get sewing 😜


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