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Thursday, October 23

A WILD Birthday Party - A Sara Jane Post

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The content for this post was provided by my fabulous friend & contributor Sara Jane. CLICK HERE if you missed her introduction.

What's the best way to celebrate a 6 year-old birthday? With reptiles and a larger-than-life cake of course!

When my creature loving boy turned six, we knew the only way to properly celebrate was a reptile party!

We hired Scales and Tails  a local traveling animal show to entertain his guests.  The show was 30 minutes of fun facts and kid captivating enjoyment. They brought a crocodilian skull, and 6 live small to medium reptiles. The finale was a beautiful 8 foot Albino Ball Python named "Peaches" {which my husband and I had the honor of holding!!!}.

Peaches perfectly matched Graham's six foot long birthday cake.

The cake was the star of the party and consisted of 4 bundt cakes halved, a Rice Krispy Treat head and tail, a fruit-by-the-foot tongue, and more frosting than you can imagine. I made the cakes a couple days before leading up to the party and froze them, which is a must for frosting this huge fella! The cake consisted of red velvet, white, chocolate and lemon, so the flavors made for a fun reveal as we cut the cake! It was fairly simple to make for a big impact. 
And as you can see this reptile enthusiast was happy with his larger than life snake cake!

Thanks Sara Jane. What an awesome party . . . and cake!  Want to see more from my creative & beautiful friend?
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