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Wednesday, April 23

From Seventies to Sensational - A Family Room Transformation

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Note: In this post, my new contributor Sara Jane {CLICK HERE to meet her} is sharing her family room transformation. I love this room & I hope you do too! Take it away Sara . . . 

When we moved into our home, the dark basement made me itchy for a DIY transformation. This room is partially below ground, so it gets less light than the upper floors. I loved the texture & interest of the planked walls, but the drab terracotta bar & dark wood was weighing down the room.  The previous homeowners generously left me a can of white paint that was begging me to lighten up the bar area. I painted the bead board under the bar first & couldn't stop there! 
The entire project was completed in 12 hours - during nap time and after the kid's bed time. Whitewashing the planks was messy, but it was so fun! 

Supplies: Drop cloths, white latex paint, a soft bristle brush, a large pack of cheese cloth, a container to mix the paint, & a separate container for water. 

How to achieve this look: Mix one-part paint to two-parts water. Apply mixture to the wood with a soft bristle brush - then wipe the freshly-painted area with a clean cheese cloth. Work with a small area at a time to insure consistency. I worked with one plank at a time. Some of the planks were more porous than others, so I dipped the paintbrush in a cup of water to dilute the paint more.
I completed the updated look by adding fun accessories such as a white deer head & a cozy sheep skin reading nook. Now it feels like home!

Thank you so much Sara. Your room looks fantastic! Check back for more Sara Jane posts.


  1. Sara you have such talent!! I have the ideas but cannot get er done like you do!!! I love the little details and in my book white always wins out!! Love this room!

  2. Such a beautiful transformation! I've seen this room in person and it is seriously straight out of a magazine. It's gorgeous! Sara, you are amazing!!

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment Becky! I agree that this room could be featured in a magazine & that Sara is amazing!

      Warmly, Michelle

  3. Michelle! How awesome! Sara is so great! I grew up with her in my ward. Small world!

    Sara, I love this transformation! The white washing is so perfect for the space. :)

    ~Laura Muir
    Fresh & Happy

    1. Hi Laura, Are you kidding me?! Wow - that is so cool. Yes, Sara is "all that in a bag of chips" & I'm so thrilled to have her as a contributor.I also popped by your blog - it is beautiful!

      Warmly, Michelle


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