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Saturday, September 6

Painting Tile & Sara Jane's TV Debut

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We interrupt wedding recap posts to bring you this by my fabulous friend & contributor Sara Jane. CLICK HERE if you missed her introduction. Scroll to the bottom of this article to see her debut TV appearance this week!

I'm that mouse, if you give me a cookie I'm going to want a glass of milk! I've noticed with updating our home, as soon as I finish one project the next immediately grabs my attention. 

After we removed the rock fire place {CLICK HERE for that post}, the dark brown on the subway tiles stood out like a sore thumb! I searched Pinterest for backsplash inspiration and visited several tile stores where I bought samples but I couldn't commit to any of them. 
Photos by Sara Jane
So on a whim, during nap time, I thought: "Until I can work through my tile commitment issues I'm going to paint the dark brown tiles." I grabbed a left over bucket of paint and a small paint brush and hand painted each dark tile. 
It has been a bit of an experiment but it's held up great and we didn't spend a dime. When painting tile you want to use a ceramic tile paint or an oil base paint so it holds up against elements - especially water. Now the tile flows with the rest of the kitchen! 

Studio 5 loved Sara Jane's home improvement projects & invited her to be on the show to talk about them. Not surprising, Sara did a fantastic job! My only question was will she let me be her personal assistant when she becomes famous. 
Photo by Martin Webb
Here's the segment in case you missed it:


  1. What a difference, looks amazing! Did you use the whitewash method or is it all paint?

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment & question. Sara used paint mixed with water {whitewash} to treat all the wood planks on her wall.

      Warmly, Michelle


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