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Wednesday, September 10

How to Write a Better Thank You Note on Studio 5

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We certainly are living in a digital age!  And it seems like with faster ways to communicate, hand-written notes are becoming more rare. But I think most people still love to receive "snail mail" or an old-fashioned note {even the teen-aged girls from church say they do}. 

I recently came up with some tips & tricks to help teach young people how to write a better note. Brooke Walker from Studio 5 shares my passion for notes & paper & she asked me to be on the show to talk about it. {CLICK HERE for the link to download the free graphics above. They can be made into posters or flyers.} PS- I loved meeting Sally the Good Dinner Mom &I was the one she refers to in her TV segment when she said someone "stole" one of her biscuits. I'm hard core that way She said I could! {CLICK HERE for her amazing recipe.}

Here's the video from the show. {CLICK HERE} or see below:

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  1. Thank you for keeping us in touch with the lost art of written appreciation! You are a shining example of what you preach, I have received a lovely note or two from you through the years.


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