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Sunday, August 31

Hello Yellow - Six Fun Details About our Wedding

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Soon the REALLY good pictures will be available from the photographer, so I'll share another wedding post when they are ready. This time, I'd like to share a few details that we incorporated into our wedding for extra meaning.

1) The Backdrop for our Line - Here in Utah,  we  have a tradition of lining up the wedding party so that we can greet each guest. Kaela wanted something pretty behind us & we agreed that vintage doors would look nice. Luckily our cousin saved the doors from Jeff's great grandmother & grandfather's home. {Thank you Melanie!} Some of them were hinged together & one had a stand for it. I loved incorporating them into our wedding. It felt like our family who came before us was sharing the day with us & it was a great "something old" for the wedding. 

Grammy & Grandpa with our sweet little Baby Alice. We were delighted with her dress. 
It was only $23 on Ebay & it comes in LOTS of colors. {CLICK HERE}

2) A Gift for the Mother of the Bride - Jeff gave Julie a handkerchief which had the following message stamped onto it. 

3) An Ice Cream Cart - Both the bride & groom & their families love ice cream, so we served five different flavors. It was a big hit. I made this fun 36"x48"poster for the ice cream cart & I paid about $42 to have it printed on thick photo paper. Please email me if you would like the pdf. 

4) Sibling Tribute at the Dinner - This was SO adorable & I only wish I had a video recording of it. Kaela's siblings gave Jeff a survival kit for being married to their sister. The kit included things like a check for a million bucks & a brush to scrub the dishes really well {the way Kaela likes them} before putting them in the dishwasher. It was hilarious!

5) A Nod to the Parents - Our nephew Kevin & his wife Trisha also did this at their wedding & I thought it was such a beautiful gesture. Kaela displayed a photo of her parents on their wedding day & one of my husband & I on ours at the reception. 

6) DIY -  Of course we had fun making some of the things we used in the wedding. I painted a table bright yellow & we used it for the guest book. I found some gorgeous bright yellow fabric on sale & made our own table squares. And we made our own favors for the dinner. 
PS - The Old Meeting House hosted our dinner & we couldn't have been happier. Our friends raved about the food, the surroundings were beautiful & the service was excellent. After researching lots of other places, I also felt the prices were very reasonable. PLUS we had a problem crop up at the last minute & "Janie" completely saved my bacon. I highly recommend them! {CLICK HERE for more info}

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