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Sunday, October 13

A Bridal Shower for Baylee

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This sweet girl just got married & right before she did, I hosted a little bridal shower for her. 
There has been a lot of buzz about balloon arches lately & I just HAD to give it a try. Oh my goodness - it was my favorite thing I did for the shower. I can't say enough good about the beautiful "Ginger Ray" party supply line. I purchased several things online {I'm SO short on time these days, so . . . lifesaver!} & I loved them all. You can find the balloon arch here.
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I haven't tried any other brands, but this kit had everything I needed except for the greenery. All the balloons coordinated & made it so easy. AND the confetti was already in the balloons {if you've ever tried putting the confetti in yourself, you know how wonderful that is}. The arch turned out really large & I didn't even use all the balloons! I highly recommend purchasing some kind of pump to blow them all up. I bought a hand pump, which was fine - but next time I'll look into an electric one. 

Anywho, moving on to favors . . . I made these "Mint to be" tic tac labels myself & I'll never do that again. Ha ha. It was so hard. Just buy them on Etsy! 

A few friends pitched in & helped with the food. We had cucumber punch {click here for the recipe}, slider sandwiches, fruit, a charcuterie board,  pasta salad {find the delicious recipe here}, chocolate dipped strawberries, lemon bars {another wonderful recipe - click here} & my go-to-favorite - chocolate chip toffee bars {I've got the recipe for you here!}

These cute little napkins matched the rose gold balloons. You can find them here.

I'm a big fan of photo props because it gives your guests something fun to do while getting their picture taken.
Baylee got one really unique gift made by her grandmother.
She said grandma always makes something special for her. I just loved this little "Just Married" car with "cans" {rolled up money} trailing behind it. 
Baylee is blissfully happy as she & Nick begin their life together. Best wishes Baylee & Nick. May the years ahead be filled with joy & love.

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