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Sunday, October 13

Keep on the Covenant Path Church Bulletin Board

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I've recently blogged about my church bulletin boards here & here. I'm still new at this, & I like the way some of the boards turn out more than others. Each time around, I learn something about designing a bulletin board. This time I discovered that I don't love a white background. But, there wasn't the time or budget to change it, so here it is! {Click the blue bar below to read more.}

The idea is the the wooden planks symbolize a "path". And there are quotes regarding the covenant path all around the board.
The "wooden planks" were cut out from the paper on my last bulletin board. The "rocks" are from a self-adhesive contact paper that I found on Amazon & just cut them out. I love that they were sticky on the back. {You can find it here.}

The message is wonderful & so important. The execution is okay - not my favorite so far. Please email me if you have any questions at 

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