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Sunday, July 10

Making Baby Gifts With Diapers on Studio 5

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Me on the set with the adorable & talented Brooke Walker
Once in a while, I help with or host a baby shower. Since everyone can use diapers and they always seem to be a welcome gift - I often make something creative out of them to dress up the presentation. While there is nothing wrong with simply giving a box of diapers, I get a kick out of adding a little pizzazz. Then, the gift also makes a great shower decoration as well. {Click on the blue arrow below to read more!}

On this Studio 5 segment I teach a little about how to make diaper cakes {but click here for a more detailed tutorial}. Also on the segment:  more ideas about things to make with diapers & baby washcloths. To make "diaper babies", turn the diaper inside out & roll. Place a clear rubber band on the top and bottom of the roll to hold in place. Use baby a wash cloth or baby socks to make a "hat" on the top of the "baby". Use tape or a clip to secure the hat in the back. Also use a washcloth to make a blanket on the baby. Draw eyes on the diaper. 
Baby washcloth cupcakes are super easy to make. Again, it's all in the presentation. Just roll the washcloths in layers {not too tight} & secure with clear rubber bands. These jumbo cupcake papers & pastry boxes are perfect for pretty packaging.
The cupcakes or diaper babies would be perfect to accompany a gift card. And remember, I always wrap everything with cellophane. 
{Click here} for the tutorial on black & white baby pillow toys!


  1. You have such amazing ideas! I love following your blog!

    1. Thank you Carey! You're the best! It's been great seeing you again.
      Love, Michelle


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