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Wednesday, June 29

4th of July Porch Decor

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Yay! It's summertime. During the month of July there are a lot of celebrations around here. I've always wanted to deck out my house with patriotic bunting & the porch on the new house is the perfect place to do it. 
{Have you tried the Waterlogue app? I love this "watercolor" version of my house photo}

The bunting is hung with command hooks & zip ties. We do get a bit of wind on occasion & I didn't want anything flying away. 

I am still enjoying our Adirondack chairs. I chose the red striped pillows because even though they coordinate with patriotic decor, they can still be used when the 4th of July is over. The red lantern is a left-over from Christmas - but it looks summer-y in this setting. 
It's great to have a simple little container like this metal "bucket" on hand. It has some foam in it & it's easy to change out the flowers for a totally new look every time. I just added the red, white & blue ribbons to some red flowers I already had on hand . . . and presto chango!
TIP: I recommend gluing some felt on the back of your decorations so they don't scrape the door!
We're set for the month of July! CLICK HERE for more porch decor.

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