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Saturday, May 8

Making a Diaper Cake

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"Diaper cakes" are cute, whimsical, & sometimes expensive! There are probably lots of ways to make them yourself, but this is the way I've figured out to do it for under $20.  I like this method, because you don't have to use tape on the diapers. They are held together with ribbon, so all the diapers are easily used for their actual . . . purpose!

Here are the supplies:

We go through a lot of this "ice cream in a pail" & we always seem to find uses for the container after. So start with an ice cream pail & another round container. Like this . . .

If you want to put extra surprises in the bucket you can. The lids are on the bottoms of the containers. The large one on the bottom also has a circle of the blue wrapping paper on it, so that if anyone lifts the cake up & looks on the bottom, it looks finished. The blue wrap at the top of these containers are to, again, make it look nice if there are places where you can see through the diaper layers. Tape the top container to the bottom one.

You may need another set of hands to overlap the diapers all the way around the pail. I do the bottom layer & tie the white ribbon on top. Then I tuck the next layer under that. The levels will be getting progressively smaller as you go to give it that "layer cake" look.  Later you will be covering up the white ribbon.

Continue to repeat these steps. On the top layer, I start with a rolled-up diaper & wrap it the same as before.

The ribbon is what really gives it that special look. You can layer the ribbon also. I like to put a color-coordinated toy on the top. Walmart has 42 size 2 diapers for under $7. (If you buy a little larger size, the new mommy can enjoy her cake a little longer before she needs to use the diapers).  Of course, the more plain the diapers, the better. These had a little color on the tops, but I just tucked that part under so it doesn't show. The toy was also from Walmart for under $5.

Remember to wrap in cellophane to help hold everything together, keep the diapers clean, & to give your gift a professional look. Another secret to success--keep the color scheme simple--one or two colors looks great.

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  1. Hello, I found you by way of the blogfrog and Red Riters ...Love the feel of your blog and all the super ideas you have. I draw, so your pics here are sooo cool, I'd never be able to come up with them..Do pop by mine if you can ,and if its ok I will add on as a follower of yours. God has blessed you with a gift for sure,,Wow!!!
    Hugs Dena in Iowa

  2. Look at all of your cute ideas! I LOVE your blog. Mine is all pretty much family stuff without all the bells and whistles! Thanks for the invite-I will for sure be a frequent visitor :)

  3. I have always wanted to make one of those. Yours turned out so pretty! Thanks for linking up to We Can Do It Cheaper!!!

  4. Thanks so much for this-- I never knew how these were made... the mystery of the diaper cake is solved! Thanks also for linking up at A Crafty Soiree... hope we become a regular party stop for you. I'm your newest follower.


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