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Tuesday, November 11

Z Gallerie Knock Off Thanksgiving Decor

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Our local Studio 5 TV show recently issued me a challenge to create a pumpkin topiary for my next appearance {See link at the end for the video}. Although I adore the traditional thanksgiving colors, I also enjoy mixing it up & using unexpected color combinations for holiday decor. One day while doing some design work, I spied this beautiful display at Z Gallerie . . . 

Their twist on one of my favorite holidays really blew my socks off. I Instagramed the above photo & one of my friends commented, "Michelle, you could totally make that". {Thanks Judi!} It planted a seed in my mind & the Gold, Silver, & White Topiary idea was born.
I also loved this gourd with the gold leaf stem at Home Goods. It is glass, so I just decided to use it as inspiration. The top pumpkin in the topiary has a silver stem & I painted the small pumpkin & squash in my wreath to look like the one below from TJ Maxx.
Last year, Michael's crafts gave me enough glitter to take a bath in! {CLICK HERE for last year's creation}. I still had plenty left over to bling out my pumpkins for this project as well. I also got all the adhesive rhinestones, floral picks, & ribbon at Michael's. Mod Podge was used to adhere the glitter. I put a stiff foam in the container & the pumpkins are stuck together with LOTS of hot glue. If you'd like to try this with real pumpkins, I would recommend a wooden dowel going up the middle of the pumpkins. The hardest part in either case is getting your "tree" straight. Even fake pumpkins aren't symmetrical! Just do your best & don't stress too much. Crafting is supposed to be fun!

Here's my matching wreath. 
CLICK HERE to see the video of the segment on Studio 5.


  1. Gorgeous!!! Love those colors together!!

    1. Thanks so much Debbie! I really appreciate it.

      Warmly, Michelle

  2. Nice segment, Michelle! You always look so polished. It was good to see you at Melanie's on Sunday! (I'll be getting back to you on the recipe)


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