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Wednesday, November 19

Book Club Fun - Elementary My Dear Readers

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One of my favorites things in life is book club. We read some great books & we always have a wonderful time. This month's book was The Beekeeper's Apprentice by Laurie R. King. If you're a Sherlock fan, you're going to like this book. {Plus the content is very clean - which I always appreciate.} 

My friend, Colette, really "knocked it out of the park" by adding fun little details to our club meeting. We didn't realize it at first, but she placed "clues" & other elements found in the book around her home for us to discover. Some include: footsteps leading up to her door {which her husband almost cleaned up for her!}, black grease on the doorknob, leaves on the windowsill, etc. She also had a chess set out on the coffee table with a bolt replacing one of the pieces. While she prepared the amazing dessert bar, she had a puzzle for us to solve. 

Here's Colette's delicious Trifle Bar. Oh my - there were so many fan-tab-ulous flavors to combine. We each had fun creating one {or two} of our own desserts. 
We layered our own desserts by starting with a cake. Colette made chocolate, pumpkin, yellow & angel food cake - cut into cubes. For the next layer we chose a pudding or sauce - like chocolate, lemon, butterscotch, etc. We then chose among fruit & candy offerings - crushed lemonheads anyone? To top it all off, she had caramel & whipped cream. Oh my! It was so good. AND so fun. 

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