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Monday, November 3

Considering Eyelash Extensions for the Holidays? What I Think About Them

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I fell in love with eyelash extensions a few years ago when a few of my friends got them. I kept thinking that when a "special occasion" rolled around I would give them a try. Last year - about this time - I decided LIFE is a special occasion & I took the leap. I have been wearing them ever since. I love my lash girl so if you want to give them a try & you live in the SLC, Utah area - shoot me an email for her information.

If you don't already know about extensions, an individual fake/thicker lash is glued to each of your real lashes. The process takes about an hour {longer the first time}, but it doesn't hurt or anything. In fact, it's actually quite relaxing & I often fall asleep when Taylor is putting my lashes on {it's just embarrassing if I snore!}.  
The photos above were taken on different days, but I DO have mascara on in the before  picture on the right. In photo on the left I am wearing the shortest lash extensions I've tried - big difference!

Here are the pros & cons as I see them.

PRO: They look fantastic! You don't even have to wear mascara {unless you want to - I usually only wear it on my bottom lashes}.

CON: I feel like they look better on brunettes than blondes. The first day I got them, I thought they looked too black. On that day, each time I caught my image in the mirror my first thought was, "What animal did she glue to my eye?!" However, I love them now. I just think they look best on girls with darker hair.

PRO: You can't rub your eyes {which contributes to wrinkling.}

CON: You can't rub your eyes. Ahhhhh! I go crazy sometimes!!

PRO: Extensions give you a thick, luscious look you just can't get with mascara. AND your lashes stay curled - a result I could never get before {PS - I even tried a heated eyelash curler.}

CON: The cost. For me, it's a splurge. And it's a habit that's hard to break.  I paid about $90 for my first set - then I go in every four weeks for a fill {which costs $40}. 

PRO: They are gorgeous!

CON: There are problems. They are hard on your real lashes. They are not permanent. The falsies start falling out the day you get them. Some of my friends get a fill every two weeks, but I just can't justify spending that much - so as I mentioned before I tough it out for four weeks. Toward the end of that time, I do wear mascara to help fill in the sparse areas. 
Maybe a little too much for every day?
PRO: They really make an impact!

CON: It's easy to get carried away. They say {I wouldn't know} that when you get a boat, all you can think about is a BIGGER boat. I think this happens with lashes too. Once I got used to them, I kept wanting more. But I am . . . ahem . . . getting on in age & the last thing I want is to look like I'm trying too hard. Younger women may be able to get away with really long, but I decided to hold back a little. 

MY LAST TIP: I like it best when my lash girl puts two sizes in because I think it looks a little more natural that way.

Have you tried extensions? What do you think?


  1. I have lash extensions and I am in love with them. It takes me about 10 minutes to do my make up now that I dont have to worry about mascara. I told my husband I was going to try and be less high maintenance and let my lashes and nails grow didnt take long before I changed my mind.

    1. Hi Sidney, Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I agree - I can't believe how much time extensions save me when it comes it putting on make-up. I'd love to see your lashes!

      Warmly, MIchelle

  2. Ive thought about getting them for fun this holiday season but Im worried about the no eye rubbing thing part. I dont wear mascara b/c Im a rubber so this is going to be a problem.

    1. I am an eye rubber AND a picker - a terrible combination for falsies! However, I am also vain enough to put up with the cons to have great eyelashes. I plan to suffer it out for the winter & take them off this summer {for a little break & some delightful eye-rubbing!}. But you look gorgeous without them, so why bother? Thanks so much for making my day by leaving a comment! STEFANIE FROM BROOKLYN LIMESTONE IN 'DA HOUSE Y'ALL! {I LOVE it when my blogging heroes stop by for a visit!}

  3. I live in the salt lake area and would love to know who you go to .


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