Friday, March 28

A Dr. Seuss Girl's Camp Theme

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Please note: if you're a regular Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust reader - welcome! You're in the right place. I changed my blog name. Hope you like the new name & look. 

Each year we host a "girl's camp" for our church's young women ages 12-18. We usually camp out in tents, but this year we will have cabins in the mountains nearby {WAHOO!}. It is customary to pick a fun theme to add a festive atmosphere to our camp activities {however, a spiritual element is very important also}. For our group, we've chosen a Dr. Seuss theme - specifically . . . 
Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Camp will be later this year, but we just hosted a "Kick-Off Meeting & Party" to get everyone excited. The other youth leaders really knocked me out with their fan-tab-ulous outfits!

We performed a fun skit & some of our girls sang our beautiful camp song.
Of course, we served some yummy & colorful Seussical food!
Our "Truffula Trees" were made from pool noodles, brightly colored duct tape & plastic table cloths. Many of our ideas were inspired by things shared on Pinterest. CLICK HERE if you'd like to view or follow our Girl's Camp Ideas board.
I'll be sure to share more fun & pictures after Girl's Camp! 


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    1. Thank you so much Toni! Of course it wasn't as fabulous as it would have been if YOU had been involved though.

      Warmly, Michelle


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