Saturday, February 23

Sunday Funnies - Great Newspaper Headlines

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These were sent to me in an email 
& I got the giggles so much when I read them. 
Hope they give you a chuckle too . . . 

Have a great Sunday!


  1. Ha ha! These are pretty funny. You almost wonder if some of them were done intentionally...they're just too ironic! ;-)

  2. These were cute for sure. I am always up for a good giggle !!1

  3. What a fun way to start my day! I'm one of those people who read really fast and tend to miss typos... I'm so glad there are people who take their time and are good proof readers... too bad those papers didn't have a good proof reader, huh? Actually, no; I'm glad they didn't, cause I needed a good laugh! When you get a chance, come see my living room redo. It turned out light and bright! Have a wonderful 'hump day' and rest of the week! xoxo jules


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