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Wednesday, February 27

Amateur Photography Tips - Baby Pics

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Spring is around the corner, & I wanted some new photos of my sweet grandbaby. I am an absolute NOVICE, but I thought I'd share some tips AND some mistakes I've learned from.

Tip #1 - Don't be afraid of a natural expression

Don't get me wrong - I love smiles, but children are beautiful whether they are smiling or not. We all know kids who hate to have their picture taken because they have been forced to smile to the point where they can't bear it anymore. I think it's more important to get a natural expression than for them to look like they are miserable or constipated.

Tip #2 - The Background is Really Important
For this "shoot", I was prepared with my own backdrop - wrapping paper. It took two rows, so I just matched the pattern as best I could. Try to pick a paper that's not too glossy. There is also black fabric underneath her, because what's pretty about carpet? Ugh!

If you ever do get a great picture with a terrible background, there ARE ways around it. Just look at this magic my son worked with a photo of his grandmother. It turned out to be her favorite picture of herself in later years.

Tip #3 - The Rule of Thirds

The natural tendency when taking a picture {& I am almost always guilty of it,} is to center the subject in the frame. It looks more creative to compose the photo so that the subject is on the side . . . 

BUT if you forget to do it, your photo can still be cropped to look like you used the rule of thirds. Here's the original photo . . .
I like it even better cropped & edited . . .

Tip #4 - Don't Cha DARE Flash!

Everyone always says this & it's so true. Natural light really is the most flattering. Take your photo near a window & use mirrors/large white cardstock to reflect light.
{Obviously, professionals use a flash often, but they have different /better equipment than we do!}

Tip #5 - Try Some Props
 Other things I learned . . .
  • Make sure the baby is rested. I didn't realize when we started that Baby Alice was tired. I got lots of shots like this . . .

  • And if you're going to have a cool polka-dot backdrop, have something fun to look at in front of the baby. Alice was completely captivated with the background - in front of her was just boring 'ole Grammy. {Should have been ready with a puppet or something.}

  • Most of all, have fun! Kids can tell when you're stressed.
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  1. How cute Michelle.... especially the pic where she's yawning :) .. I hope you don't mind me mentioning some great baby photography tips I found on another photography blog recently at shoot digital pics like the pros, which really are useful and practical steps to take better pics. Thanks again for brightening up my day!


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