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Friday, February 22

What Should I Do With My Prize?

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One fun thing about attending a blogging conference,
is coming home with some nice swag . . .

Thanks to the girls at U Create, I won this
 BEAUTIFUL Riley Blake fabric. 

I love it! 
And this is where you come in - 
what do you think I should create with it???

But even if you aren't planning on attending any conferences,
remember to keep entering those bloggy give-aways!

Before blogging, I never won anything.
But now I have a nice little group of prizes including 
all these awesome items I won from Jenkins Kid Farm . . .
I adore Shutterfly, so imagine my delight in having a $50 credit
to spend however I wanted! WAHOO! Thank you Cindy!

I really like my new notepads made on Shutterfly
{with photos of my projects along the side}.
I'm using these notes to help promote my blog . . . 


  1. How about a patchwork picnic rug (with denim backing for durability)? (Ok, well that's on my "to do" list...) or a patchwork a-line skirt for spring?

    1. Thanks so much for your great ideas! It's snowing "cats & dogs" where I live & I'm noticing your beautiful beach scene profile pic. Lucky girl!

      Warmly, Michelle

  2. I can't wait to see what you create! I never win those giveaways... you've given me hope! Perhaps I need to think a bit more positively and stop saying "I never win". Easter is coming up; I wonder what you could do? Mod Podge some fabric onto candles for Easter baskets? Sew up some sachets? Napkins? I'm looking forward to what you do, you crafty thing! xoxo jules

  3. Yes Jules - keep trying! And don't discount the smaller blogs - there's less competition. I love your creative ideas for the fabric - especially napkins.

    Warmly, Michelle
    PS - Let me know when you win!


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