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Friday, August 3

Parade of Homes Highlights

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The Salt Lake City Parade of Homes 
tours are open until August 18th, 2012.

Hunny & I spent the day perusing some of the homes. 
{And just took pics of pretty homes like this one . .  .}

I loved the use of color this year. 
And there was a sense of fun in the decor.
If I could have a wish come true in my home,
it would be a barn door . . .
Of course, I had to see the DIY Blogger House
featuring some favorite local blogging celebrities -
{It's not easy to figure out, so here's a tip:
the blogger house is #12 - "The Annabella"}

If you read their blogs, you can see each blogger's 
influence in the decor of this home.
One home knocked my socks off with 
all charcoal grey walls, molding, doors, closets, 
shelves in the closets . . . everything!
The result was a very modern, sleek, seamless look.
I absolutely adored the "Brinton-Dahl" home {#7}
originally built in 1885 & recently remodeled. 
The builders kept as many of the original elements as possible.
It was all just fun, fun, fun!


  1. Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing. I love that honey-yellow door in the first picture, and the gray gallery wall is stunning. I don't think I could live with gray walls all the time, but they look impressive!

  2. Wow! Those are impressive! I love the Parade of Homes here in Minnesota!


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