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Monday, August 13

Lake Powell Vacation

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We just returned from a week in
glorious Lake Powell.
Photo by Jeffrey Lunt

If you love water, boating
& pretty colors, this is the place!
There's lots to explore.
We enjoyed seeing Rainbow Bridge -
an amazing natural monument
which holds deep spiritual meaning to Native Americans.
Hunny & me at the bridge

This year, we held our own Olympic games.
With volleyball, kayaking, golf, archery & more
we had lots of fun in the sun.
A competitive volleyball game was the crowd favorite.
With "Team America" & "Mother Russia" 
playing - it made for an exuberant challenge!
Those "Russian" players were pretty rambunctious
One of my favorite things is to take pictures of
all the sweet kids - including my own!
our other Lake Powell adventures.

Hope you're enjoying a great summer too.

In my next post I'll choose my
Fabulous Friday Favorites.


  1. So fun...I had to show some of these photos to my husband who has never seen Southern Utah.
    It really is quite spectacular.
    Summer, well.....GOOD FUN

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Wendy. You MUST get your hubby to LP some day! He will love it.

      Warmly, Michelle

  2. Thanks for putting a smile on my face after a stressful day at work! The pics are awesome! I enjoyed spending time with your family. Chris and Jeff are so fun to be around, they really made the trip fun for the other kids. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pics of Lake Powell.

    See ya soon, Ralph

    1. Hey Ralph, Thank YOU & Maria for being such wonderful friends & for sharing your awesome vacation with us. You rock!

      Warmly, Michelle

  3. Oh my does this ever bring back memories of when I lived in Fagstaff AZ and would party on Lake Powell every weekend! So lovely:)

    1. Ah, so you know how beautiful {and hot!} it is there. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Deidre.

      Warmly, Michelle

  4. Oh that looks like so much fun!

  5. Thanks for stopping by Barbara Bakes today and taking the time to comment! I love your Lake Powell pictures. I haven't been boating since I was a teenager. Your pictures make me want to go again with my kids.


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