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Tuesday, August 16

Lake Powell Vacation Photos & Tips

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There's a little piece of heaven called
Lake Powell
and when we're lucky,
we get to go there with our
friends & stay on their houseboat
for a week.
The colors of the beautiful landscape
knock me out . . . 
bright blue sky,
huge burnt-orange rock formations
& blue-green water.

We sleep under the stars,
eat yummy food, 
spend a lot of time
boating & doing water sports.
By the way, I'm not getting any younger,
so my days of "laying out" in the sun
to get a tan are over!
{Please pass the "anti-aging" sunscreen!}
So, I'm crazy about this product . . .
- Tan Towel self-tanner -
I use the "classic" for fair to medium skin tones.
It's really easy to use & you can get dressed right away without it getting on your clothes.
Just put it on in layers until your skin is the tone you want. Make sure to wash hands after applying!

ANYWHO, I tried wake surfing for the first time.
{You're supposed to let go of the rope - I didn't. I was just happy to get up!}
This is how the "pros" like Christian do it . . . 

We got new life vests this year,
but guess what?
They're all black &
My solution:
I attached key chains with our names on them.
It seemed to be a good solution so far.
{UPDATE: This didn't work! The keychains broke off.}

With all these people, 
it really helped to know whose was whose!
On the way home,
I couldn't resist snapping some pics of the
sitting on the side of the road
in the little towns we passed through!
{There were MANY of these cars along the way.}
{Please enjoy - it's REALLLLY hard to get Hunny 
to stop for stuff like this!}
As you can see, we had a great time.

Hope you got to go somewhere relaxing this summer too!


  1. Loved the first pic..awesome! I wonder if you passed through my little town? You did if you came trough Capital Reef, we have one of those dummies too, he even has a name...Bowsefus Parker Mountain Dolittle! ;D

  2. What fun and lovely pictures! and that dummy jut killed me!

  3. Looks like you had an awesome time at Powell! I love the beautifully contrasting colors.
    I always get a kick out of the fake police officers too. My kids love to look for them!


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