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Tuesday, July 31

Dumpster Frame to Bulletin Board

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One day when passing by a trash dumpster,
I spied a treasure.
Someone had thrown away a 
huge {but very cool} frame.
As I carefully peeled away the broken glass,
I thought, "Why would anyone throw this away?"

It's very rustic so I gave it to Sis & Bro for their cabin.
They made it into an extraordinary bulletin board.
{It is replacing an old, smaller one - so the pics aren't on yet.}

One way to make this project is to use
 "eye screws" on the undersides of the frame.
Then wire is strung across the width of the frame.

It is tradition that when visitors come to the cabin
they write a note about their stay
& it is placed on the bulletin board.
Of course they also take lots of photos & 
collect things like pretty leaves
that go on the bulletin board too.
What a great way to preserve those memories!

By the way, if you missed it before -
here's a pic of their beautiful cabin . . .
And here are Bro & Sis with their sweet grandbaby . . .


  1. Hi, Michelle!

    What a fantastic idea! What a gorgeous log cabin! I love log cabins!


  2. Very cool Michelle! I love the size and scale of the board! Hope your week is going great! Angie xo


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