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Tuesday, June 14

Quotation of the Month - June

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{My beautiful granddaughter, Nellie}

"In life, there are
no ordinary moments.
Most of us never really recognize
the most significant moments
of our lives when they are happening."
                                                          - Kathleen Magee


  1. She really is beautiful. She looks a lot like you. :)

  2. Nellie is adorable :) Such a pretty girl !!! I'm a grandma too and love it !!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog !!!

  3. Hi Michelle, thanks for your visit and kindness. This little one has such beautiful eyes that expose her beautiful that! I have one of these too, with such eyes. I am going to follow you and have added you to my blog list...I will enjoy getting to know you! :D

  4. I can't believe how much she looks like you! A beautiful quote. Mimi x


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