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Sunday, June 12

SUNDAY FUNNIES: Taylor-Made Love

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For a little chuckle, 
I am sharing a game my son 
& his friends are playing.

They are all obsessed fans of Taylor Swift,
so they've been Photoshopping themselves
into pictures of her & posting them 
on their Facebook walls.
It all started with Matt.
He wrote, "Taylor put this photo on my wall -
We're in love & we don't care who knows it!"

Then Patrick posted this photo with, 
"Matt, I saw your profile pic & it reminded me
that I dated Taylor before you EVER did! I even
have this picture of her hanging on me to prove it!"

Followed by my son, Jeff, 
who put this photo on his Facebook wall saying,
 "Matt & Pat, I was in Arkansas this weekend &
this happened. She wanted me to tell you
she's over you both!"

He, he!

I'm sharing this chuckle with these great parties:

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  1. HAHA! You have my husband and I laughing quite a bit over these photos! I have to say, I think your son's was the best quality. ;oD Thanks for making me smile, I'm sure you get daily giggles from those boys.

    Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

    ~Just a Girl

    P.S. My husband shares your son's name. It's a very good name! ;o)

  2. I think Taylor should give Jeff a call ... they make a very cute couple! ;-) jules


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