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Monday, May 2

May's Quotation of the Month

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I'm still working on that bathroom mirror
project, BTW. I built a frame & it fell off the
wall & BROKE! So I'll let you know when it's
finished & what I learned.

Since we're celebrating mothers
this month, I chose a quotation
to honor our dear moms . . .

 My mom & me in 1964

"Women who make a house a home 
make a far greater contribution to society 
than those who command large armies 
or stand at the head of 
impressive corporations."

- Gordon B. Hinkley -

Bobbi-Jo at "It Works for Me"
made a beautiful printable of this quote 
(& lots of others too).
Click here if you'd like to get your own to
frame like I did . . .

  It would make a nice gift too! Don't ya think?


  1. I love it Michelle, perhaps I need to wave this around for my husband to read !!!

  2. I like putting some of my very favorite quotes etc in frames too.
    sorry about the frame.

  3. I found a lovely little charm in a local store last week that says "The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world." So true!


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