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Wednesday, May 4

There's No Place Like Home . . . Depot

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I believe it was Eleanor Roosevelt who said, 
"Do something everyday that scares you"
{cutting wood - especially mitre cuts - scares me!}

Randy from The Home Depot

Well, as you may know I've been redecorating a
restroom in a store
(click here to see that post).

I was in my "comfort zone" until I had to deal
with this mirror . . .

I wanted to add some "Girly Drama" 
to it & make it look more custom.

So-o-o, I was off to my favorite store
(well ONE of them anyway)
to get the help I needed to make my
vision a reality.

I've seen other bloggers make custom frames to go around mirrors
& although I was SCARED SPITLESS
 a little intimidated,
I made my way to the cutting center.

(PS - We don't own a mitre saw!)

I cut my own pieces (with Randy's help--see first photo)
& I only messed up on one piece out of four.

Randy was proud of me & gave me a
"Do it Herself" bag. COOL!

BY THE WAY, single ladies out there--if I didn't have a
Handsome Hunny of my own,  I'd hang out at Home Depot.
A girl gets more attention there than a plump turkey at Thanksgiving!
{Lots of men passing by saying, "Can I help you with that little lady?"}

 ANYWHO . . .
I cut four pieces of molding thinking that would be the
hardest part of the project. It wasn't!

It helps to lay out your pieces on the floor as you go so you can get the
angles right.

I bought a bunch of products to put the pieces of my
frame together & paint it . . .


At first I couldn't figure out how to get
the mirror off the wall.
Since the mirror isn't flat & sticks out quite a bit,
I couldn't screw the frame in the wall around it--
which is the way it is often done.
So, I built my frame a smidgen bigger than the mirror
 (only an inch on each side) &
thought I'd glue it right to the mirror.


Gravity won.
The glue did not hold & 
my carefully mitered, caulked & painted
frame tumbled to the floor & broke!
I wanted to cry, but
{like baseball}
there's no crying in home improvement--
so I was just grouchy all day instead.

I kept trying until I figured out how to get the mirror
down off the wall & on the second attempt, I used
Loctite Epoxy instead of the other products
I tried before.

It's been said that it's OK to fail--as long as we learn from our failures. I learned:

  • The Dap "Alex Plus" paintable caulking worked really well to fill in any cracks where the corners meet
  • The first time I used wood glue to hold the mitred edges together, but epoxy worked much better when I had to glue them the second time
  • I don't like silicone glue. It just didn't work well for me.
  • I've always been afraid of epoxy (you have to mix it, it's a little smelly, & you have a limited time to work with it before it sets up). But I learned that epoxy can be a girl's best friend!

Here's what all the fuss
was about . . . 

Now go out & do something that scares you!

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  1. Beautiful job!! Maybe someday, I"ll get brave enough to spiff up our bathroom mirrors. First though, 4 year old daughter's bedroom re-do is the summer project. Home Depot is already a favorite destination (hubby is a former home builder general contractor), and has been getting a lot of visits from us, as we plan out the project (helps that it's literally 1 mile from our house). I love seeing what you did with this bathroom re-do! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Oh my!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Thank you for sharing!! ;)

  3. Wow it is beautiful. You are brave! Congrats to you, the difference in the pics show your hard work

  4. It Looks. SO. GOOD!! It's amazing what a little lumber and bright pink paint can do, not to mention the willingness to try! way to go :-)

  5. LOVIN the hot pink. LOOKS GREAT! Thank you for your sweet comment on my k's nursery! Now, how come every time I send my hub for hot pink spray paint he says they only have neon. Yours is perfect! Home Depot right? xoxo shelli

  6. MICHELLE RESPONDS: Thank you Shelli. Yes, Home Depot carries this color called "Very Berry". I love it!

  7. oh my, that is an amazing transformation! glad you got the frame to work!

  8. This turned out great! I have wanted to do this for awhile now... this is giving me a stronger push:) Someone else used liquid nails to affix the frame to the mirror, but I don't yet know if that is a silicone glue?

  9. That was fun to read! Good job, it looks really good. I really like the colors, too.

  10. You are SO decorating my house when I grow up.


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