Saturday, April 30

I'm So Excited & I Just Can't Hide It . . . Eeww--Eeee!

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First the Royal Wedding 
& now this - what a week!

I'm so thrilled that my 
Chalkboard/Art Wall
won the 
at the DIY Club.

There were so many great projects in the running,
so I'm very honored to be chosen.
(As you can see from the expression on my face in the photo above.)

Thank you, DIY Club!


  1. Congratulations!!!!! I am so happy for you.
    and the wedding was wonderful.

  2. Awesome!!!!!!!! Congrats! It looks great!

  3. You so deserve it. I love your wall, Way to Go!!

  4. congratulations! that's awesome - you are so creative :)

  5. We are all so proud to be your followers, and so proud of you!!! jules


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