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Saturday, March 26

How to Make Low Sugar Strawberry Jam

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(. . .  Still working on the 
darn fun chair project--it's coming along.)

If you've never canned your
own jam you are really missing out!

It's so much yummier than the kind from the store
and I love producing my own food because
then I know exactly what's in it.

I especially love 
LOW SUGAR strawberry jam.
Because you can just taste the 
fruit more!
(This recipe uses 4 cups of sugar instead of 7 cups!)

And it's easy to make.

1. Start with clean glass jars & lids
(I boil mine just to be sure their really clean & air dry them).

2. Wash, cut the stems off, & cut up
a little over 4 lbs. strawberries.

(Yes, that is paint primer on my hands from the darn fun chair project.)

3. Mash the strawberries with a potato masher.
(But you still want it chunky--like this . . .)

4. Measure 4 cups of sugar and take out 1/4 a cup of the sugar.
Add the 1/4 cup of sugar to a box of Sure Jell (Low Sugar or
No Sugar) Pectin. Set the rest of the sugar aside for later.

5. Empty strawberries, pectin, and the 1/4 cup of sugar into a 
large pot. Cook on high temperature, stirring constantly until
mixture reaches a full rolling boil. (This is a boil that doesn't
stop bubbling when stirred).

6. Add the remainder of the sugar. Keep stirring and heat to
a rolling boil again. Cook (still stirring!) at a rolling boil
for one minute.

   7. Quickly ladle into jars. For each jar--put lid on tight,
& turn jar upside-down for a few minutes.
Then, turn jar right-side-up. (The instructions that
come with the pectin say to "process" the jars of jam,
but I don't. This has always worked for me. )

8. Wait a while, then make sure each jar is sealed by pushing on the
middle of the lid with your finger. If the lid bounces back 
& makes a popping sound, it didn't seal & that jam needs
to be refrigerated. But I've seldom ever had this happen.

Happy canning!


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  1. This looks so yummy and surprisingly easy! We grow strawberries and sometimes we have so many that they end up going bad. I will so be doing this, this summer. Thanks for the recipe!


  2. YUMMO! Come on summer... mama needs to make some jam! I'll be back in May to tell ya how it turned out! THANKS!!!

  3. Mmmmm! There is nothing better than fresh jam! So much better than store bought! Really like your site and plan to come back often!

  4. Yummy! I Couldn't Copy And Paste Fast Enough! I Too Am Beginning To Prepare More Homemade..For The Same Reason You Do..To Know Precisely What's In The Mixture.

    Hey..I Just Browsed Some Of Your Previous Postings And Saw Your Cleverness In The Storefront Drawing. Truly Miss Michelle..I Really Liked Your Version. :)) I Bet It Would Look Even More Sensational With Either Watercolor Or Oils.

    I Can't Wait To Try Some Of This Jam! Thank You So Much For Taking The Time To Give Such A Detailed Recipe. Have A Great Week! Hugs, Terri

  5. YUMMMMM!!!! I Love to bake and cook but I've never tried jam! I'm gonna have to give it a make it look SO easy! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment on my nightstand. I actually didn't make a drawer for it...I'm not very handy with the woodworking so unfortunately it'll stay minus one drawer. Have a fabulous week!!

  6. I made strawberry jam last year and I use 7 cups of sugar (gasp!) I will definitely give this a try.
    Have a great one!

  7. Yum! And it looks easy! I think I'll be able to manage this!


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