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Tuesday, March 22

Faking Artistic Talent

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You'll be glad to know that the
procrastination is over &
I started work on "the chair".
(By the way, it took a long time just
to remove all the staples & nailhead trim!)
So, I'll blog about it when it's finished.

But for now,
I wanted to talk about one
way to "fake it".
(Hopefully my blog friend & artist
"Terri" isn't reading this post!)

I must have been in another line
when drawing talent was being
passed out!
(So, when I need to create something like this I find ways
to get around it.)

I saw this ad in a magazine &
wanted to make something like it for
the store where I work . . .

Inspiration drawing--SO cute!

I took some photos of our store 
& enlarged them . . .


  Then I taped the photo to a
window & traced over the major lines
onto a piece of paper.

I filled in with a few changes--
for instance, I changed the large light so that it 
didn't cover the sign & a few other things.
Can you spot the other differences?

Some of the lines aren't perfect,
but I kinda like it that way.

Maybe you would want to try
something similar with your
house or favorite building?
(If you do, feel free to "romanticize" the
real thing.)


  1. Um, no faking here. You definitely have the real thing. I'm quite impressed. I really like how it turned out.

  2. This is fabulous, brilliant. I want to try.

  3. Very clever, I love it!!
    Fake it to you make it hey!!!

  4. Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am one of your newest followers and looking forward to your posts!

    A kindred spirit,


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