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Wednesday, March 30

The Jelly Bean Prayer

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Where I live,
Spring is reluctantly approaching
{like a Disney princess who dips the tips of her toes 
in a pond first to test the water}.
But one thing's for sure . . .
Easter will be here soon.
What a wonderful time of the year.

Every year, I pull out the "Jelly Bean Prayer"
to give to the children & youth at church.

In case you don't have it,
I wanted to share it with you.
(click below to download & print your own)

 I'm afraid my dog, Sam, is more interested in the jelly beans than the prayer!


  1. I've never seen this before. Thanks so much for sharing it and especially for the printable!

  2. How Cute!! I LOVE IT! You are so creative.

  3. I think I will be printing this out for an event I have tomorrow.

  4. I love these. Oh and Sam is cute too!


  5. I'm definetly going to use this idea for Easter..It's precious..xx

  6. This is so sweet!


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