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Tuesday, November 9

Real People and Their Homes - A Perfect Color Scheme

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Each home tour
on my blog
is a REAL home where
REAL people live.

Today we are
welcomed into the 
home of my darling friend, Julianne.
She and her house share a
characteristic--they are both
beautiful inside and out!

(The "throws" on these chairs are actually table runners which
Julianne purchased from Home Goods. They also looked great
with her Halloween decor!)
The living areas of Julianne's home are 
decorated in a color scheme that is PERFECT
for coordinating with the colors of
every holiday!

Since she loves seasonal decor, 
Julianne chose her black, white, and
green palette thoughtfully.
And it paid off! Everything looks great
with her colors.

Next, we move from the living room into the dining area.
I love this beautiful fall tablescape.

Julianne has been playing around with
her fall table decorations.
Each place setting is different,
but they all coordinate
and look great together.

Isn't this a neat idea for a 
"harvest centerpiece"?

And lastly, I wanted to show you
the fresh and clean family room.

I love these groupings of family photos which
surround the flat screen TV. 

The coffee table displayed is changed often.

This Ikea fabric (above) was wrapped around an
canvas and turned into art!

Julianne also turned these books into
artful accessories
by covering them with beautiful paper.

   Julianne and her hubby have been married for 13 years
and they have two adorable children.
She is not only a wonderful wife & mother--
she also volunteers a great deal in her church.
PLUS she is finishing up her nursing degree.
(How she finds time to decorate we'll never know!)
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  1. I love looking into people's homes to see how they decorate. My favorite was her table setting. So pretty!

  2. I love that you do this. I've always loved home shows, but they only happen a couple times a year. Such great ideas.

  3. What a gorgeous gal with a gorgeous home! Thanks to both of you for sharing! Btw, I made pumpkin cake for our small group tonight to eat while we watch the Truth Project and it was a hit!


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