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Saturday, November 13

Oh Happy Day - Jeff is Home!

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Since I wrote earlier
posts about redecorating his

I thought I'd share the
great news that
world-traveling son 
is home!

After two years in 
my little chicken
is back in the nest.

Here's our little welcoming party 
at the airport. 
Could my smile be any wider?

 Little brother missed Jeff so much
& cried tears of joy.
Actually it was emotional for us all! 
Don't you love Dad peeking around the side
in this picture?

A guy ran up to us when we were holding
the balloons & the "We love you Jeff!"
sign and said, 
"I wish my name was Jeff!"
Ha ha!


We're so happy.


  1. Congrats your son is home and his room looks great! My son gets home in March...his old room is kind of my craft room right now...not sure where we will put him?

  2. How awesome! I can't even imagine how happy you must be!!

  3. Hooray! That's so fun for your fam Michelle! I love the teary pics and you totally look like his sister not his mom!

    Love your guts

  4. YOU LOOK SO HAPPY! Oh my, you are adorable beyond words! So happy for you and your family!

  5. I can see the joy in all of your faces. You look like you could be your sons sister! I still find it amazing that you have grown kids.

  6. Oh that is so sweet! What a wonderful bond they must have! Have you seen that you tube video about the welcome home at Heathrow Airport? I did a post on it and it brings tears to your eyes, just like your sons!


  7. You look SO happy! God bless these moments you share with your family!

  8. Oh shoot well go to my blog and at the right there is a post that says "Are you ready for this" and that will take you to it!


  9. So happy for you ! You look wayyyyy to young to have a grown son, though. From your profile picture I thought you were in your early 30's..... even though I've read and seen pictures of your kids, it didn't compute - lol !

    Enjoy having all your babies in the nest !
    thanks for sharing !


  10. OH, I just love sentimental guys! What a handsome pack you have...and I LOVE your big, beautiful smile :)))

  11. That is SO exciting! I am so happy for you and that he returned home safely!


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