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Thursday, July 1

My First Award

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Many thanks to Stephanie over at Ruby's Musings
for nominating me for . . . 

I work hard on my blog & it's nice to know
someone is reading it!

7 Little Known Things About Me . . . 

  1. My dream job would be a Disney princess on a parade float. (Do they hire people over 40 for this?!?)
  2. I'm good at decorating spaces, but (inexplicably) cannot dress myself worth a darn! Weird!
  3. I LOVE to eat (obviously this is not the little known part!), but I really dislike ginger, mint, anchovies, peanut butter & ketchup.  I can't even stand the smell of ketchup.
  4. I met Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic Park actor) in NYC. I introduced him to my pals & he introduced me to his. I now consider myself not only a fan--but a close, personal friend! Ha!
  5. I am crazy about dogs. We have a King Charles Cavalier named "Sam" -

      . . . and a Papillion named "Rebel" -

6.  I don't just do creative stuff for fun, I do it for sanity. Cheaper than therapy!
7. In many ways, my life is much better & happier than I ever dreamed it would be.

Another Part of the Deal:
(and much more fun for me)
I get to nominate some other bloggers for this award.

(The envelope please . . . )

The first blog I ever followed or read is written by Shan at
Shan hasn't been writing as much lately, hope she gets going again soon!

Aimee writes 
and I absolutely love her taste and projects.
MAKE SURE you see her darling nursery.

 I could spend HOURS reading
Janell is a creative genius.

And finally, for one of the most inspiring people
on the planet.
If you've never read Stephanie Nielson at
all I can say is that you are REALLY MISSING OUT!
Run, don't walk to her blog!
Stephanie, I realize you've probably already received 
every award out there, but I couldn't resist!

Thanks to all these wonderful women for their blogs & 
thanks again to those who read mine!

Warmly, Michelle


  1. You are so funny. I have always dreamed about being a princess at Disneyland as well-however height has not been on my side in this life so I knew I would be stuck with probably Alice in Wonderland. Maybe I could get lucky and go for Tinker Bell??? She is kind of a princess-right? Congrats on your award! You totally deserve it!!!!

  2. The first item on your list makes me just smile...Thanks for the award! I'll put together a post for next week! Thanks, Janell

  3. Glad to see you passed it around! :o)


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