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Saturday, July 3

My Garden Angel

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So there was a little angel in my garden today.
I was even lucky enough to snap a few photos of her in action!

But, as you can see she was much too busy 
"working" to pose for pictures.
Her magic touch is sure to make my Hostas grow well.
We planted them in a shady patch in the back yard.

We also had veggie gardening to do . . .

Nellie & I decided to try coffee grinds 
from Starbucks as an organic fertilizer.
We found this web site which talks about the benefits to your garden.
Imagine how many coffee grinds can be recycled this way &
Starbucks gives you theirs for free.

The little angel sprinkled the coffee grinds 
here & there.

We'll keep you posted on the results!

Warmly, Michelle
(AND Nellie, my grand daughter & gardening angel)

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