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Tuesday, June 29

Winner Winner - Chicken Dinner! I Can't Believe I Won!

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I have a friend who wins everything.
She told me that after she enters a drawing, she just waits for the phone to ring.
To be honest, whenever I enter a drawing,
I'm pretty sure the phone won't ring. Ha ha.

Well . . . maybe the 40 year loosing streak is over!
This morning I awoke to an e-mail from
cute Tia over at 
Two Junk Chix that I won this beautiful

My calm response to her e-mail was:

 Thank you for making my day!!! 
I love your beautiful jewelry & I will wear it proudly. I'm so excited." 

Many thanks to Two Junk Chix
and Tator Tots & Jello for hosting this giveaway! 

Warmly, Michelle


  1. CONGRATS! By the way I posted a blog yesterday and gave you a blog head on over and collect it, post it to your blog and or page, write a blog about it, list 7 things people do not know about you, and then pass it on to a few other blogs that you feel are worthy :o)

  2. Great for you! I never win anything either! But your luck has changed. :-)

  3. YAY!!! Good for you. They say things come in three's so perhaps its your time for winning. Great necklace by the way!!!

  4. So glad you stopped by my blog! Your blog is so cute!! I'm not crafty at all, so I like to see how crafty other people can be!

    Have you ever refinished cabinets? I'm thinking about taking on the project of refinishing my kitchen cabinets to brighten them up some, but a bit nervous about it! Like I said, I'm not crafty at all!! But, I might give it a go anyway!
    Big Fat Mama


    I love your cute name! Ha ha. Thanks for your message. I have never "re-finished" cabinets, but I have painted MANY times! I've usually used a creamy white paint & they've always turned out really nice. The next project, I am thinking about using a green paint. I have used black on a desk & it turned out cool. For cabinets, take the doors off (number them!), remove the hardware, & paint them outside. I do think an oil base (stinky) paint wears better in kitchens & bathrooms, but you don't HAVE to use it. I'll blog about this more at a later time. Good luck!

    Warmly, Michelle


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