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Friday, April 3

Church Bulletin Board with a Young Women/Young Men Theme

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For the latest church bulletin board, we wanted to spotlight the youth program of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.(Click the blue bar below to see much, much more!)

I created the graphics including the "Go & Do" pennant banner on the top - as well as the four areas of personal development below (spiritual, social, physical & intellectual). 
I also included the two new themes & (in a lapse of judgment - haha) a handwritten quote alongside each one. I should have created these quotes digitally.
For the Young Women theme the quote is, "Note the shift from 'we' to 'I'. These truths apply to you individualy. You are a beloved daughter of Heavenly Parents. You are a covenant disciple of our Savior Jesus Christ." - Bonnie H Cordon
For the Young Men theme, "We hope you will begin reciting this theme when you gather in Sunday quorum meetings. We hope you will carefully study its meaning & commit to live by its teachings & principles." - Stephen W. Owen
And by President Nelson, "The adjustments we now announce are intended to help young men & women develop their sacred personal potential". 
To fill up space & add color, I cut wrapping paper in strips for the border & added these tissue paper pom poms from the dollar store. 

Our bishop has challenged all the youth & adults to memorize the themes. As we each do, we will place a star on the bulletin board.

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