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Sunday, February 17

Church Bulletin Board Ideas

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When I started my blog I decided right then & there that it would be a platform to share my creative endeavors - whatever they be! That is still true today, so in that spirit . . .  here's the latest I've been working on. I was recently asked to be in charge of decorating our church bulletin board. This is my first attempt. 
My first rule for this project is that I wanted it to look completely different from the usual bulletin board. I started with black butcher paper. These frames were left over from my chalkboard wall {click here if you missed it!} They are lightweight with no glass or backing, so I took a risk that they would stay. It's been two weeks & they're still up there! They are adhered to the paper with command strips. {Click the blue bar below for more!}

These quotes are taken from a talk by Mark Seethaler. If you use them, please credit him as the source. 

And I love this painting The Good Shepherd by Simon Dewey . . .
Keys add a little more interest . . . 
The gold arrows & dots were an afterthought. After all the main items were placed, there was a lot of empty space. I was hoping this made it look less formal & more artsy. 
More bulletin boards to come!

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