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Sunday, June 23

A Pretty Entry Area & Styling Book Shelves

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One more post about fluffing up Sis's house! This time I'm starting with her entry way (which I can't take any credit for) & her book shelf in her family room (which I did help her style). Here's her beautiful entry bench . . . (Click the blue bar below to see more!)

This great area rug is the same as the small one in the nearby powder room. She really wanted a little wreath on one of the hooks, so we put a navy blue ribbon on it to tie in the rug a bit.
The pretty dipped basket is for shoes. 

And now for her book shelf. 

A lot of these accessories are from Home Goods. Keep in mind, we had just purchased the frames so not all of them have pictures yet. You might notice how I put the accessories in groupings - intentionally not filling up the entire shelves. 
I really love this quotation, "If you want to change the whole world, go home & love your family" by Mother Teresa. I gave it to Bro & Sis for their wedding anniversary last year because it reminds me of them! 
Faux botanicals (or plants) are looking more real all the time. They are great for an area like this where there isn't a lot of natural light.

In case you missed the other posts about fluffing up Sis's house, you can find 5 Tips for Styling Above Kitchen Cabinets HERE & A Little Powder Room Refresh HERE

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