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Sunday, April 28

A Little Bathroom Refresh

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My Sis has a beautiful home in another state. When I visited her recently we decided "zhoosh" up a few of the areas that she felt needed a refresh. I'm going to start with my favorite - her little powder room. Here it is - pretty bare & ready for some love. Our inspiration was this beautiful rug she found at Target. {Click the blue bar below to see more!

All these cute accessories are from Home Goods. I've always loved the little shelf she had in there, but we opted for something a little bigger with this wooden table. It fits perfectly. (I know this might sound obvious, but always make sure to take measurements before going shopping.)
The baskets store the extra hand towels & toilet paper in a classy way. 
The faux botanicals look real & are perfect since there are no windows in the room to make it possible for real plants to survive.
The picture really doesn't do justice to this cute latitude/longitude print. I bought it for Sis for her birthday & I just love it. 

And so here's the finished product. Just a few accessories gave it a little warmth. 
More "zhushing" to come!

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