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Monday, January 21

Women's Conference

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We enjoyed a wonderful Women's Conference yesterday & I wanted to share it with you.
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Our church puts on these conferences periodically & it is always so edifying. 

Decorating for a conference is a challenge because there are so many tables to adorn & the budget is always slim (as it should be with church funds). Bobbi Widerberg was the mastermind behind these beautiful woodland decorations. 
Each table had 3 "candles" on it (for a total of 170!). Open flames are not allowed, so these are cottonwood tree branches with the middle hollowed out to perfectly fit little flickering battery-powered votive candles. 
Bobbi said her sweet hubby made the holes with an attachment on his drill. Labor-intensive - but brilliant, economical & oh-so-pretty. The pictures really don't do it justice since all the little candles were flickering & lending such a charming ambience. You can find little candles like these here. 
Each table also had a burlap table square, these lovely "Trust in the Lord" signs (the theme of the conference), as well real pine boughs & pine cones. Even the water bottles had a white label on them for the luncheon to come. Each little box lunch had a chicken salad, tiny orange, roll & a piece of chocolate. 
The little white snowflakes were actually an afterthought. Bobbi added them when she saw that there were snowflakes on the invitations. I really like the touches of white with the dark greens & browns. 

Our speakers were Jon Schmidt from The Piano Guys & his wife Michelle. Their remarks were incredibly inspiring. Who me take a picture in a church meeting? No way. Here's a photo of Jon playing A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman. Oh man was it beautiful!
I'm grateful for all the hard work that came together for a spiritual, wonderful afternoon!

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