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Monday, September 25

The Gone to Pieces Quilt Show

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Have you ever gone to a quilt show? I enjoyed the "Gone to Pieces" show on Walker Lane in Holladay, Utah. This was my first show & boy was I glad I went. A couple of my friends had their handmade quilts in the show which were displayed in the most beautiful barn I've ever seen. 
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The one of a kind quilts were showcased by the beautiful old world architecture of the barn. Check out this stunning window . . . 
Can you believe these colorful works of art? There was a small fee to enter - which was given to charity. 
There were three floors in the barn - all filled with glorious quilts.
This room housed Christmas quilts . . . 
This lovely lady is one of the quilters & she was volunteering at the show. Check out the hand made name tags they wore.
There was also a cute little mart with hand made wares to buy. My friend Pam (below) volunteered her time despite a leg injury!
The barn smelled so good, that it was hard to believe animals really live there! But they were all around us. 
I had a marvelous time. I think it is becoming a yearly tradition, so check it out if you get the chance next time. It is held every other year.

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