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Sunday, September 10

Great Trunk or Treat Ideas

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Have you ever been to a Trunk or Treat? It's an alternative to (or it can be in addition to) traditional Trick or Treating. Lots of cars converge on a parking lot, the parking lot is closed off (for the safety of the children), & candy is passed out to the kiddos. It makes it even more fun & festive to decorate the trunks with a theme. Since a group of friends - or a church group sponsors the activity, it is a safe activity for all the little monsters. 

With October coming up, (& since these things take a little prep time) I thought you might be in the mood for a little Trunk or Treat inspiration . . . (Click the blue bar below to read more)

How about some Harry Potter magic? Complete with Platform 9 3/4, Hedwig & floating candles.
I loved this pirate who gave each child a chance to pick something from the treasure chest.

Grandmother, what sharp teeth you have!

Sometimes if you look like a character, you just go with it . . . 

Who doesn't love a mad scientist at Halloween? I was impressed this idea of setting up a table near the trunk. The children were allowed to touch the "eyeballs & guts" IF they dared! Wouldn't it be hilarious to have someone hiding under the table with a hand that reached up to grab the trick-or-treaters as they sampled the wares?

At this trunk or treat, Honey & I were the most unattractive Shaggy & Daphne you've ever seen! (But our Suburban sure looked good dressed up as the Mystery Machine.)

Don't forget to add lights & maybe even music to add to the fun. 

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