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Saturday, July 8

6 Fantastic Beauty Products I Can't Live Without

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I love to learn about sincere recommendations for great products, don't you? And since I need all the help I can get, I am always on the lookout for fantastic beauty products. Here are my latest favorites. Click on the blue bar below to read more . . . 

1- Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Eyeliner - the last time I wrote a post like this, I recommended Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. But I love this one even more! Why? Because it stays on until I remove it. My skin is oily, so eyeliners rub tend to off/smudge/smear when I use them. I am over the moon for this eyeliner! I can't say enough good about it.

2 - Brow Zings Taming & Shaping Kit - I have always had dark brows, but one time I had them waxed by the wrong person & she severely over-plucked me. I still have to fill in my brows. This product comes with a little brush with wax followed by a setting powder. I wear it every day.

3 - Go Be Lovely Coconut Milk Mango Lotion - I hardly ever wear perfume, because it's often too strong & sometimes it gives me a headache.  But I love nice-smelling lotion. This one smells AMAZING! It is so fresh & I feel pretty when I wear it.

4 - Brazilian Blowout Acai Protective Thermal Straightening Balm - The natural texture of my hair is curly kinky. I am always looking or ways to settle it down. I discovered this through my hairdresser. I just put a little on my wet hair & style as usual. I use it on occasion - especially when I am using a straightener (that's when it works best for me). 
5 - Mabelline Falsies Mascara - I've used lots of brands of mascara over the years.  I tried this one on a recommendation I read somewhere. It comes from the drug store, but from what I can tell this works just as well as the expensive brands from the department store

6 - Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum - For years I wore eyelash extensions. When the falsies finally came off, all I was left with of my own were little stubs. {Could we please have a moment of silence for those poor lost lashes.} They gradually began growing back on their own, but I wanted to speed up the process. I used this grower for a couple of months before seeing real results. But I have definitely seen my lashes grow quite a bit.. This product does not require a prescription, so my assumption is that it is safer than those which do. And it's less expensive. One bottle lasts me a long time. I haven't noticed any real side effects other than my eyes do sting a bit if it gets in them. My work-around solution has been to put it on one eye - keep that eye closed for a minute & let it dry. Then do the other eye.
Have I missed your favorite beauty products? Please leave a comment & let me know. I'd love to hear your recommendations too.


  1. Pure skin care products from "The Ordinary". The creators came from big name skin care companies that charged huge prices. Their philosophy is that good skincare should be affordable. It's a hot company.

    1. Well Lorna, you look fantastic - so it is good to hear what you use! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment & let us know.


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