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Sunday, July 30

The Vintage Whites Market

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My friend Toni & I had a great time shopping at the Vintage Whites Market earlier this year. Here are some highlights.
I'm not sure which is more fun, looking at the eclectic array of merchandise or meeting all the interesting people selling their wares. {Click the blue bar below for more.}

These girls had a darling pink trailer full of vintage finds.
Did I mention that the collection is "eclectic"?
Among all the antiques, we also found some handmade items. Here's Brooke from Start at Home with Toni from Design Dazzle. Brooke makes pretty signs for the home. 
My absolutely favorite shop was The Black Sheep by Suzie Stroup. She has the most wonderful items at fantastic prices. She mixes vintage with floral design & she has a beautiful point of view. You can find her on Instagram!  
There were three large warehouses full of goodies. And we had great fun browsing around.
Click here to check out our adventures at the 3 Dotters Vintage Market. Have you been to any fun Flea Markets I need to know about?

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  1. Woah this looks very similar to a garage sale though I have never been to one. I like the cute pink trailer and the white vanity mirror!


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