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Wednesday, October 26

Fishing and Boating in Martha's Vineyard

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- a patriotic sailboat we spotted off the island -
In my last post, I talked about our memorable vacation to Martha's Vineyard. I left out the part about boating & fishing because this element of our trip merits it's own post. I mean, really, check out our friend's boat . . . {and click on the blue arrow below to read/see more!}

And here's our friend Bruno {and his wonderful wife, Cari}. We are convinced that a large portion of the joy Bruno gets from his boat involves sharing it with others. 
There aren't nicer people in the world than these two! They tirelessly made sure that we had a marvelous time AND that each of us was able to catch a fish. And it was just so fun {& exhausting} to reel those fish in! 
- Brenda caught the biggest one! -
All the fish we caught were Blue Fish. Did we eat them? Of course! I thought you might like to know how Cari cooked them for us, so I'll share her recipe in my next post

In the meantime, here are some more picturesque images of MV and some of the fisherfolk there. {PS - it's ALL about the fishing!}
I only wish you could have been there to meet the fisherman, above, with the {I am not making this up} corn cob pipe! And I wish you could have seen my reaction when I begged insisted on snapping a photo of him. Why? Because I felt he was New England personified - accent and all. 

One more - the ferry that took us away . . . no wonder we didn't want to leave! {The song "Time in New England" softly playing in the background. Sigh.} Thank you Cari & Bruno for one of our all-time favorite vacations.


  1. Oh what a pretty place for such fun looking group of friends. Nice!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment Kim. We had a great time at "The Vineyard".

      Warmly, Michelle


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